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Get ready for a long summer, Preds fans: Saturday's notes

Now that we're past the initial rush of free agency, the patience of Nashville Predators fans will be tested, as the timeline for making major moves such as a trade, or signing some of the team's Restricted Free Agents, could stretch over the next several weeks, even possibly into September. Our morning hockey notes include more on that subject, along with a radio interview with general manager David Poile from yesterday...

Nashville Predators News

Yesterday, Willy Daunic featured an interview with David Poile on 102.5 The Game's "Sports Revolution", and you can listen to both parts of it here:

David Poile on 1025 2012-07-06 Part 1 (mp3)

David Poile on 1025 2012-07-06 Part 2 (mp3)

Poile’s patience is a virtue as Preds decide what to do with Shea Weber… | Section 303
Jeremy advises that any major move should wait until the future of the captain is decided.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Refutation of Stupid Semin Arguments - Pension Plan Puppets
So... is Alexander Semin capable of being a leading offensive force on a good team, or is he an unreliable flake, as Pierre McGuire and others have charged?

The Merry Month of July: Anxiety, Bitterness & NHL Free Agency | Overtime
There's a really interesting idea about halfway down here. By talking about a future of playing together during the season, did Ryan Suter & Zach Parise commit tampering?

What Is Acceptable Performance? Playoff Success Throughout NHL History - Predlines
Caroline breaks down the relative success of teams from various eras, with plenty of handy graphs.

Just like others before them, Kings will suffer fleeting fame - The Hockey News
Ken Campbell with a column on how the good times won't last forever in L.A. Apparently he holds markets up to the absurd standard of Toronto, where the Maple Leafs don't have to lift a finger to sell out every game, even if the team stinks.

Lars Eller Signs for Two More Years - Habs Eyes On The Prize
The young center gets $1.3M for a couple seasons in Montreal.

When rumor-mongering, don’t forget about contract clauses — and Marleau says he’s not at that bridge | Working the Corners
One handy way to blow off trade rumors? Check Capgeek for no-trade or no-movement clauses, which almost always rule the day. It's a rare case for a guy to waive such a clause and agree to a move.