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Welcome to the longest month of the year: Wednesday's notes

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Here we are... August. It's the one truly dead month on the NHL calendar. June has the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final and the Draft, July has free agency opening, and September brings training camp. August, however? Well, we're on our own to come up with something, and the Preds are doing their part by holding an Open House on Saturday, followed by the Skate of the Union Town Hall meeting later this month. Still, hockey seems a long ways off.

But hey, look on the bright side - this tweet came along yesterday the Nashville Predators' Manager of Video Production:

What better way to kick off the month of August than by putting in a fresh sheet of ice?

So just keep thinking cool thoughts while reading your morning hockey notes...

Nashville Predators News

Paul McCann - July Ends - The Stories of August to Come...
Paul sees a Comcast business move here in Nashville as payback for the Preds matching Weber's offer sheet.

Smashville 24/7 - Did Preds get bargains for Kostitsyn, Wilson?
I'd say no and yes, respectively. One thing I wonder, though - where does this notion that a 50-point scorer here is worth as much as a 60-70 point player elsewhere come from? Why can't we have nice things? Seriously, though, the opportunity is hanging right there for this team to start getting major production (and value) from Colin Wilson if he can put it all together and appease Barry Trotz.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL labor talks: League gives NHLPA 76,000 pages of financial documents - NHL - Sporting News
I have a feeling the long slog is only just beginning.

NHL Players should make offer of 50 percent of revenue to kick start negotiations | Dallas Stars Blog
Note to self: don't ever hire Mike Heika to negotiate on my behalf.

Down Goes Brown: A hockey fan's guide to the Summer Olympics
The Olympics: NBC has been accused of spoiling their broadcasts by giving away the results of events that haven't aired yet. The NHL: NBC has been accused of spoiling their broadcasts by giving air time to Mike Milbury.

Attention turns to Bobby Ryan - The Hockey News
Forget Shane Doan... will anyone pull off a trade for this guy?

Are The Blackhawks Going To Make A Move Arnott? - Blackhawk Up
The former Preds captain might make an affordable and productive option for bolstering Chicago at center.

It's official: ALFIE'S BACK! - Silver Seven
There's jubilation in Ottawa as their captain returns.

Pat Kaleta Signs 3 Year/$3.825 Million Contract - Die By The Blade
Buffalo signs its super-pest.

For All the Cupless Losers: How Do You Measure Success? - Lighthouse Hockey
Expect a Preds-themed riff on this coming soon.

My First Hawks Hero: Rick Vaive - Second City Hockey
For those of you who think Patric Hornqvist can't score 40 because all he does is work close to the net, here's a guy who got it done that way.

20 Years In The Making: A Dallas Stars Retrospective - Defending Big D
It was 1993 when the Stars headed south.

Six Free Agent Defensemen The Edmonton Oilers Could Sign | Edmonton Journal
Another solid review of the notable remaining free agent defensemen.

Scott Howson's interesting track record |

Has he generally done the right thing, only to be undermined by circumstance?

New MLSE owners will shift focus to winning -

Once the deal closes on the Toronto Maple Leafs sale, could change come swiftly?

League Equivalencies and NHL Rookies - Puck Worlds
We'll revisit this analysis next summer, to see how 2012 Preds draft pick Patrick Aberg projects as a potential NHL player.