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Who is the greatest #14 in Nashville Predators history?

Here's something you may not have known (and that I didn't know until I sat down to write this): more Nashville Predators have worn the number 14 than any other sweater number in franchise history.

10 players have donned 14 for Nashville. The next most popular number is 28, worn by nine players. The old saying "quality over quantity" certainly applies here, though, as many of these #14s were journeymen who only played in Nashville for part of a season.

Greg de Vries

De Vries - along with Drake Berehowsky and Éric Fichaud - was traded to Nashville from Edmonton in exchange for Jim Dowd and Mikhail Shtalenkov. But just 23 days later, the Predators traded the defenseman to Colorado for a second-round pick, where he would eventually win a Stanley Cup in 2001.

He appeared in six games for the Predators, accumulating four penalty minutes, one shot on goal and a -4 +/- rating.

Brett Hauer

The Predators acquired Hauer from the LA Kings in a trade for Rich Brennan. Hauer appeared in just three games on defense for Nashville during the 2001-02 season, scoring zero points in 31 minutes of total ice time. He never played in another NHL game, instead opting to finish his career in Europe.

Steve Dubinsky

Dubinsky was traded to the Predators on February 6, 2002 by Chicago for future considerations. He became the first #14 to get on the scoresheet in Nashville, tallying five goals and two assists in 26 games at center. The Predators let him go in free agency at the end of the 2002 season.

Rich Brennan

Another defenseman, Brennan was signed as a free agent before the 2001 season. He spent much of his time in the minor leagues, appearing in only four games for the big club, and scoring no points, before being traded for the aforementioned Hauer.

Jon Sim

Originally drafted by the Dallas Stars, Sim was traded to the Predators for Bubba Berenzweig (now there's a name) and future considerations on February 17, 2003. The left winger appeared in four games for Nashville, scoring one goal, before the Predators put him on waivers and he was claimed by Los Angeles.

Oleg Petrov

Nashville acquired Petrov on March 3, 2003 from Montreal in exchange for a fourth-round pick. Petrov played in 17 games, scoring two goals and two assists. The Predators let him go in free agency, and he was signed to Geneve in the Swiss league.

Jordin Tootoo

Nashville's favorite enforcer (well, former favorite) wore the number 14 in 2006 before switching to 22 in 2007. In '06, Tootoo played in 65 games, scoring just three points and six assists, but adding a whopping 116 penalty minutes.

Ramzi Abid

The Predators signed Abid as a free agent before the 2006 season. He played in 13 games for the Predators, notching a goal and four assists at left wing. Abid never appeared in another NHL game, instead opting to head to Europe after 2006.

Radek Bonk

Bonk was a fan favorite if for no other reason than the name alone. Bonk was the first Nashville #14 to play for more than one season after being signed as a free agent before the 2007 season. He played in 151 total games in Nashville (six in the playoffs) and notched a total of 24 goals and 31 assist during that time.

He, like so many other 14s before him, went to Europe after his career with the Predators came to an end.

Dustin Boyd

The Predators acquired Boyd on March 3, 2010 from Calgary for a fouth-round pick in order to build some depth at forward for a playoff push. Boyd scored three goals and two assists that season, and was traded in the offseason along with Dan Ellis to Montreal for Sergei Kostitsyn.