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Let's make an OTF T-Shirt store together

A couple days ago in one of the comment threads some folks were asking about t-shirts related to OTF, and I've got some good news and bad news on that front.

The bad news? Our old store is no longer in service.

The good news? We can make something MUCH, MUCH BETTER, and if you've got the creative chops to help make it happen, you can make a buck or two along the way, too.

How It Works

We're going to partner up with, a site which allows you to create designs for t-shirts, polos, and all other sorts of apparel and accessories. I've set up a store for OTF in there (, but so far there's only one product in there, a hack job that I put together of a woman's t-shirt that says "Hey Philly, Match This!".

Why does it look so awful?

Because I have absolutely positively no talent for visual design!

That's where you come in.

With, you can set up your own account, create designs (make them your own work please, don't just copy something done elsewhere), and place them in their Marketplace. When you do so, you can specify a Design Commission that gets added to the cost of each shirt. I can then select those for inclusion in the OTF Store which will be featured in the sidebar of the site here, and if someone buys a shirt with your design, that commission goes into your account!

Do's and Don'ts

For a tip on color usage, here's a JPG of the current Nashville Predators' logos which you can use as a color guide. NOTE: I can't place any items in the OTF store that contain the official team logo, that's a violation of their trademark & copyright. You can reference those for what colors to use, though.

Want more inspiration? Check out what the gang over at Broad Street Hockey have done, there's some pretty cool stuff in there.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get some good ideas going here... and when you've got a design ready to go, please email me at, so I can check it out. There's no guarantee that every entry will go into the OTF Store, I'd like to make sure we have the best of the best in here.

I know we have some incredibly creative and talented folks in here, so get to work!