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CBA Negotiations loom large: Monday's notes

Shows over, folks! Next up, it's the Gary & Donald Hour!
Shows over, folks! Next up, it's the Gary & Donald Hour!

With the Olympics over, and most of free agency wrapped up, there's nothing left to distract us from the major issue facing the hockey world these days - CBA negotiations between the owners and players. With the NHLPA expected to submit their counter-proposal this week, things could start to get pretty ugly...

Nashville Predators News

The Hockey Junkies: One-A-Day: Nashville Predators
A rather unique take on the events of the summer, presented in the form of a mock Shea Weber roast...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Dances with Wolves: Supporting the Players this Time | All Habs Hockey Magazine
That throwaway comment from 2004 about ticket prices is sure to come back and haunt the owners this time around.

Larry Brooks: Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL determined to cut players’ salaries, which would lead to lockout -
Larry Brooks' use of hyperbolic language undermines the basic truths being expressed here.

NHL CBA negotiations set to be front page news - Ottawa Sun
Bruce Garrioch gets the crux of the issue with the CBA negotiations. This isn't about the owners vs. the players, it's big-market vs. small-market owners.

In Case of Lockout, N.H.L. Has Leeway on Winter Classic -
Most expect the Winter Classic to be the impetus for eventually getting a deal done and starting the season, but if the NHL does have to cancel, they wouldn't lose much of their $3 million stadium rental fee.

Shea Weber, Louis C.K., and the real reason offer sheets are so rare | Puck Daddy
The salary cap system has pretty much ruined the notion of acquiring players via offer sheet.

The Peerless Prognosticator: The Value of Top-Five Draft Picks
The Preds haven't had one of these since David Legwand all the way back at the very beginning, in 1998.

1st Shift Corsi by Zone: The Impact of Neutral Zone Performance on Future Success - Fear The Fin
Here's a novel way to slice up the Corsi data.

Andreas Lilja to miss start of season after hip surgery - Broad Street Hockey
Uh oh, something tells me they're gonna offer sheet Jon Blum. (no, not really)

No NHL comeback for Cristobal Huet, signs 4-year deal with Swiss team | Puck Daddy
So... one day he says he belongs back in the NHL, then he signs with a 2nd-division Swiss team?

2012 U.S. WJC Camp: Day 8 Recap — USA vs. FIN | The United States of Hockey
Another update on how the kids are doing.