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David Poile talks shop: Monday afternoon notes

Your afternoon hockey notes include a surprisingly wide-ranging menu today - we've got one local blogger recounting a talk with Preds GM David Poile, another opining on what has been at times a bizarre summer, and the scandalous(!) unmasking of a notorious rumor-monger...

Nashville Predators News

The View from 111: A Conversation with David Poile
Mark participated in a roundtable that a few bloggers had today with David Poile, in which he held forth on a variety of topics, from the Radulov/AK46 incident to the CBA, and much much more.

Still More Tough Luck for the ‘Other’ Other Guys: The Fans | Predators AJenda
AJ has been stewing over the Ryan Suter & Shea Weber contracts, and notes that while we can argue over which team won each battle, it's the fans like you & me who end up footing the bill.

2012 U.S. WJC Camp Final Wrap Up | The United States of Hockey
Jimmy Vesey is still in the running, having survived the cut-down to 34 players.

Nashville Predators GOAL Program - Nashville Predators
Registration opens Tuesday morning for the latest round of the GOAL program, a wonderful opportunity for kids 4-7 to get their first taste of hockey. Check this one out if you have kids, folks, it's a fantastic (and FREE) program. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and fills up quickly, so plan ahead.

If you're looking for some puck talk, listen in as Pete Weber, Mark Howard, and Stu Grimson take a look around the Central Division:

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

@kyriacou22's Blog: Who is hockeyyinsiderr?
Is the notoriously anonymous rumor-monger a 17-year-old from Quebec? WHO CARES - he and his ilk are not worth following, so once again, please don't bother pointing people his way, even if he tweets something about the Predators. Doing so only makes you look like a hockey rube.

Hockey Primetime - Fans wave digital picket signs as CBA negotiations heat up
Now here's a novel idea. Protest a potential lockout by disengaging from official social media outlets of the league and its players until they hammer out a deal...

NHL’s pay to Bettman nears $8 million - SportsBusiness Daily
It's good to be the king.

Giguere Earns a 1 Year $1.5M Contract Extension - Mile High Hockey
Colorado brings back the veteran backup to Semyon Varlamov.

Confessions of a hockey blogger: my father-in-law posed in Penthouse | Backhand Shelf
Oh come on, whose hasn't?

History Lessons: Leagues of the Northern Wilds | Backhand Shelf
E takes us back to the dawn of professional hockey.