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It's election season in Nashville: Thursday's notes

Best Place For A Cheap Date?
Best Place For A Cheap Date?

Who says you have to wait until November to exercise your right to vote? Your links today include two opportunities to vote for the best & brightest things in the Nashville area...

Nashville Predators News

Best of Nashville 2012 - The Nashville Scene
This year they have a reader poll for "Best Sports Blog". Can you help us defend our title from 2011?

Thommy Awards | The Thom Abraham Show
Does Shea Weber's contract get your vote as "Area story of the Year"? How about Barry Trotz for Coach of the Year? Head over and make your voice heard...

Junior Evaluation Camp ‘an eye-opening experience’ for Jimmy Vesey - Nashville Predators Examiner
So far, so good, as Jimmy Vesey begins his climb up the ladder towards the NHL.

Destination Nashville? The Free Agency Woes of the Predators : The Hockey Writers
John tries to separate perception from reality on why the Preds can't seem to land the big ones.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Predators plan to reduce Rinne's regular season workload
Could Mase get more work than Anders The Giant did?

Czech Republic's Jan Hlavac finds new home in Kladno with HC Rytiri Kladno -
We were just talking about Hlavac the other day...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

A competition metric based on ice time |
This is beautiful, beautiful work here. I've wondered if perhaps we should refine Quality of Competition metrics based on a player's position, and that of his opponents.

Swedish player who suffered cardiac arrest during game returns after nearly three years | Puck Daddy
Now THAT's a comeback.

Do you have hockey junk in your trunk? These jeans might be for you. - Puck Drunk Love
I can't wait for someone to come out with Bloggers' Jeans.

Wayne Simmonds signs 6-year contract extension with Philadelphia Flyers - Broad Street Hockey
Is this another case of a guy going for a long-term deal before term limits are imposed under a new CBA?

NHLPA Counter Offer: What's the Bottom Line? - Arctic Ice Hockey
This post breaks down the numbers using revenue growth totals mimicking recent history, but as I wrote yesterday, that's by no means a sure thing.