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Nashville Predators ratings in EA Sports' NHL '13 released

While a full 82-game regular season NHL schedule still remains up in the air for the 2012-13 season, the beat will go on in the virtual world. NHL '13 is set for release on September 11, 2012, and we're slowly, but surely starting to learn more and more about the game.

Today, EA released the player ratings for Western Conference teams, which of course includes our beloved Predators. Follow after the jump for ratings (minus the new guy), OUTRAGE and a fancy graphic:


As a Predators fan, I think you have to be pleased with these ratings, because it looks like, for the most part, they went with the best case scenario.

A few things that stand out:

  • EA still has Paul Gaustad on the wing. Come on, he's a center. It was frustrating last year having to switch he and Craig Smith's spots on the fourth line, and then having to put him on the PK. Anyways....
  • Is Martin Erat really as good as David Legwand?
  • Brandon Yip is a full "four" better than Gabby Bourque (lol).
  • Everything looks to be ok on defense. Weber 90, Klein 78, Gill 80, Josi and Ellis low 70s, but will probably improve, Blum 81- OH MY GOD. WHAT ARE YOU DOING EA?
  • Rinne at 89 is - I think, correct me if I'm wrong - a slight drop off from his rating last year.

Thoughts? Comments? OUTRAGE of your own?

[h/t to @jrlind for pointing this out]