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Hockey fans start looking ahead to a lockout: Saturday's notes

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The change in tone coming from both the owners and players in their public statements regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations has fans and reporters alike ratcheting up their odds that at least some time will be lost to a lockout this fall. This morning's hockey notes kick off with two local writers tackling that issue, then include two of the most mind-numbing takes on the labor situation I've seen yet...

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Nashville Predators News

The Hippodrome: The Quarterback Battle Heats Up To Tepid | Pith in the Wind
J.R. raises the delicate question of what happens to the money already plunked down on tickets for games which might get cancelled in the event of a lockout.

What if a Lock-Out Happens? A Hard-Core Fan Perspective | The Predatorial
Jeremy shares his memory of the previous lockout in 2004-2005.

Top Moments From 2011-2012 – #7: Release The McGrattan | The Predatorial
This certainly goes into the vault as one of the highlight fights in team history, but I remember having my son at that game, and he asked why those two guys were fighting. I had no good answer, it was just a sideshow.

Nashville Predators' Roman Josi tries to fill defensive role | The Tennessean
Josi is the favorite right now to play alongside Weber on the top pair, so he's preparing now to be in shape for the job.

The Slate | Admirals Roundtable
Ryan breaks down the just-released AHL schedule, which features 10 sets of 3-games-in-3-nights. Ouch!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Rolling newsletter: Could the NHL really consider contracting teams? | Dallas Stars Blog
Mike Heika could have saved himself several paragraphs by just writing "Howard Bloom is an idiot".

NHL: Big Market Success Should Be Determinative | Overtime
Richard Pollak doesn't see why big market teams want CBA change, because things are already going so well for them. *facepalm* Has a big business ever sat back and said, "nah, we're making enough money as-is"?

Time on ice competition plots for all 30 teams |
Real perty graphs, following up on work earlier this week about a new way to describe a player's Quality of Competition.

Next Year’s Big, Stats-Based Edmonton Oilers Project | Edmonton Journal
Bravo to these gallant volunteers, it's just too bad the league doesn't formalize and publish stuff like this.

Michigan Daily and Kitchener Rangers Settle - Western College Hockey Blog
Peace breaks out.

Cheating your height and weight in the program: a hockey player’s how-to | Backhand Shelf
Did I tell you that I'm really 6'2"?

Goalie Equipment on rare "10% Off Everything" sale! | Hockey Gear HQ
You poor goaltenders, I really pity you. Your gear is ridiculously expensive, and sales are few & far between. That's why you need to jump on this one.