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A lot can happen in 14 years: Thursday's notes

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One of the lingering questions coming out of the Shea Weber drama is whether this team and this player will truly see things all the way through their new 14-year commitment. Our (belated) hockey notes today start with one local blogger wondering whether that's really all that important...

How to get an NHL jersey customized for just $5 | Hockey Gear HQ
So what are you in the market for? GOOSE #28? USS GILL #75? The deal outlined here (which expires Friday at 11 a.m. Central) is a great way to save while gearing up for the new campaign.

Nashville Predators News

Shea Weber: The Hero Nashville Needs Right Now |
Does Shea Weber really want to be here long-term? Patten's willing to kick that question down the road. I can't help hearing Bob Seger's We've Got Tonight after reading this one...

Nashville Zoo to host Predators Day for fans | The Tennessean
Mark your calendar for August 26...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Dark Blue Jacket: Quick thoughts on "Before The Battle"
The Blue Jackets are the latest team to film a "behind the scenes" documentary... do you think the Preds should do the same?

Greg Jamison lacks cash needed to run Coyotes after possible purchase - Phoenix Business Journal
It doesn't sound like this is going to be resolved any time soon.

Escrow a nasty word to players - The Globe and Mail
David Shoalts breaks down the escrow issue, but leaves out an important point. A big reason why the players give back money via escrow is because the cap system almost ensures that teams will spend more on player costs in a given season than their 57% share of Hockey Related Revenues. The league calculates a midpoint between the cap and floor for the next season each summer, but more teams end up spend above that mid-point than below it. In addition, the players have always opted to enable a 5% escalator in the cap level above and beyond that calculation, which allows teams to spend even more above that calculated mid-point, leaving Player Costs well in excess of the Players Share every year, and thus requiring escrow to be taken out of every player's paycheck.

Leafs Outdoor Classic Jersey " Berger Bytes
It looks like Toronto will draw inspiration from jerseys of 80 years ago for the upcoming Winter Classic.

5 awesomely terrible hockey romance novel titles | Backhand Shelf

Orlando Solar Bears to celebrate IHL championship 12 years later | Puck Daddy
And who was the coach of that team? Current Predators Associate Coach Peter Horachek...