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What can be done to improve Nashville Predators TV ratings?

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Clay Travis of 104.5's 3HL got Nashville Predators fans stirred up this morning with an observation tied to Goodlettsville's outstanding run so far at the Little League World Series:

This, of course, elicited a spirited response from many Preds fans, which allowed Travis to reply with this:

But my thinking is, rather than complain about Travis kicking hockey fans around, why not ask what can possibly be done to improve the team's local TV ratings? We all know that some ideas may be impractical, but let's get 'em out there at least. Here are a few which occurred to me:

  1. Get all games on a single channel, no more bouncing around from Fox Sports Tennessee to SportSouth (and alternates)
  2. Even better, partner with a local station (i.e. 2, 4, 7 5, 17) as Kevin Ingram suggested on Twitter.
  3. What's Heather Locklear doing these days? She sure seemed to boost ratings for every show she joined.

Seriously, rather than moan & groan about perceptions, what constructive ideas can people come up with to improve ratings? We all know that establishing a culture which tunes into hockey on a regular basis is a long-term challenge in the South, and it seems like things are headed in the right direction, but how can the team build upon that momentum?