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NHL CBA Negotiations skip a day: Wednesday's notes

Eh, how about a walk in the park instead?
Eh, how about a walk in the park instead?

Observers around the hockey world were looking for news out of Toronto today with another round of talks between the NHL owners and players, but the session was called off instead. Our hockey notes (admittedly belated today) cover this and a whole lot more...

Best of Nashville 2012 - The Nashville Scene

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Nashville Predators News

The View from 111: The Predators Play a Pivotal Role In Our City
Mark touts the ever-growing amounts of money which the Predators Foundation has been able to raise and then distribute to charitable efforts around Nashville.

The View from 111: One Timers
Mark opens up a number of topics for discussion, focusing mostly on the CBA situation.

Paul McCann - It is not so easy to "split the difference"
Paul pleads for reason between the owners & players.

Battle Royale: 8 Defenseman, 1 Press Box | The Predatorial
Jeremy wonders how the blueline will shake out.

Nashville Predators On Brink Of An Identity Crisis? -
I'm not sure I buy the "identity crisis" angle. If anything, locking up guys like Gill, Gaustad & Fisher seems to be right in line with "Predators hockey".

NHL JerseyWatch 2012 - Blog -
Amidst a host of jersey-related updates, there's this: "The PREDATORS might add a third jersey, though it would be very soon after their rebranding this season." I agree, it's awfully quick to introduce yet another jersey.

Uni Watch Power Rankings rates NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL uniforms from 1-122 - ESPN
Well, it looks like the Predators beat the Ducks... again.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL CBA Talks 2012: Wednesday's Discussions Canceled After Fehr, Bettman Meet - Defending Big D
Today was not a very good day.

NHL will get its NBC rights fees even if lockout cancels 2012-13 season | Puck Daddy
Well, there's $200 million for the owners' war chest.

Bettman, Fehr and the Idea of an Industry Growth Fund -
Will Bettman bite at the $100 million carrot Fehr dangled in the NHLPA's offer?

Down Goes Brown: What NHL negotiators can learn from the NBA and NFL lockouts
Oh, if only DGB were allowed at the negotiating table...

Taylor Hall Agrees To A Seven Year Extension - The Copper & Blue
7 years, $42 million for the 2010 1st-overall draft pick.

Buffalo Sabres still have 4-year, $30-million deal on table for Shane Doan | Puck Daddy
I know some folks would love to see the Preds sign Doan, but at these prices? Insanity.

CHLPA names Georges Laraque executive director, Laraque misses media appearance - Buzzing The Net
Well, this is off to a roaring start.

Mysterious CHLPA’s goals include managing players’ education packages - Buzzing The Net - Junior Hockey Blog
...and here is what the CHLPA proposes to achieve.

NHL rules summit tackling embellishment? Yes, please | Puck Daddy
Can we leave the diving in London?

10 of the worst acting performances by NHL players in commercials | Backhand Shelf
Yes, we're desperate for entertainment! This stuff is funny, though.

Top 10 Dallas Stars Regular Season Games #4: Modano Breaks Record In Controversial Game Against Predators - Defending Big D
Take a trip back in time to a night that stoked the flames of the Predators/Stars rivalry.

The glory of hockey stick art | Backhand Shelf