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Nashville Predators announce 4 winners of #MySmashville contest

<em>"Hear Our Smashville Team Rise and Bleed"</em>
"Hear Our Smashville Team Rise and Bleed"

The results of the #MySmashville contest are in, as the following was released by the Nashville Predators:

Recently, we asked the citizens of Smashville to tell us just what Smashville meant to them with the #MySmashville fan challenge. Hundreds of entries came in fast and furious for the inaugural fan challenge, with fans submitting taglines, artwork and videos through social media. With so many terrific entries we couldn't pick just one, so today we are proud to announce our four winners of the 2012 #MySmashville Fan Challenge.

#MySmashville Winners:

Ryan Vircik with Hear Our Roar

Kevin Crozier with Smashville: Rise

Scott Howard with Our Team, Our Town

Jill Jones with Bleed Gold

"We handed the creative reins over to the fans and the response was incredible," Nashville Predators President/COO Sean Henry said. "We asked the fans to tell us and show us what Smashville meant to them. We realized that Smashville meant something different to everyone and there was no way we could choose just one winner. There were so many wonderfully creative entries, but we felt like these winning taglines could be woven seamlessly into our existing creative endeavors throughout the season.

"Hear Our Roar embodies our infamously loud game experiences. Smashville: Rise plays into the chill-inducing emotion of our spontaneous standing ovations. Our Team, Our Town resonates with fans who feel like Smashville is more than just a place - it's home and it's distinctly Nashville. Bleed Gold embodies every citizen of Smashville who lives and breathes Nashville Predators hockey. They all feed into our playoff efforts when we ask everyone to Stand With Us!"

"We were overwhelmed by the amount of social media buzz that this promotion generated over the summer," Nashville Predators Marketing Director Danny Shaklan said. "Together, the Smashville faithful and the creative minds of Nashville combined to bring this contest to life through the 2012-13 season."

The winners will receive a bounty of prizes including a pair of 2012-13 Season Tickets each, TV broadcast segments with Pete Weber and Terry Crisp, radio segments on 102.5 The Game and more. Look for the winning taglines throughout the season!

Really? They couldn't pick a winner? I'll confess to being a tad confused as to how this will work this season, but congrats to the four on winning free season tickets and all the rest, and kudos to the Preds for going the crowd-sourcing route like this.

But for the record, I still prefer my entry, "MATCH THIS".