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20 Days Left in the CBA: Sunday's notes

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This year's training camp will be especially critical for Jonathon Blum.
This year's training camp will be especially critical for Jonathon Blum.

Hang in there, folks, we're getting close to September, when training camps open and we all have a chance to get into the rink to see how the latest version of the Nashville Predators shapes up. Of course, that means the players and owners need to agree on a new CBA within the next three weeks... but a guy can hope, right?

Best of Nashville 2012 - The Nashville Scene

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Nashville Predators News

Hockey Night in Nashville: Blum motivated to make NHL squad
This is a make-or-break year for Jonathon Blum, and it's good to hear how he's been spending his summer here getting ready for camp, whenever it opens.

The Hippodrome: We're Playing For Nothin' | Pith in the Wind
I do like the way J.R. leverages the multiple #MySmashville winners.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Russia’s Dynamo Targets Ovechkin | Sports | RIA Novosti
The Swedish Elite League has sworn off NHL players in the event of a lockout, but might the KHL make a run at some?

Sault Ste. Marie police: Three Greyhounds players charged with sexual assault | Buzzing The Net
Whoa, boy.

Police in Kenora recover stolen 1907 Stanley Cup banner, flag - The Globe and Mail
Cheers, Thistles fans!

Slap shot the weapon of hockey's hardest shooters -
See where Shea Weber ends up on this list of all-time slap shots.

Hockey’s most arbitrary, yet mainstream, statistic | Backhand Shelf
Assists are indeed tricky territory.