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Players brace for Round 2 of CBA talks: Monday's notes

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This will be an interesting week to follow the NHL CBA talks, as the two sides are expected to meet again starting Tuesday, after decamping for informational and strategic updates over the last several days. Meanwhile, players are doing the on-ice work to get ready for a mid-September opening of training camp, including the mysterious Jack MacLellan...

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Nashville Predators News

In Search of Jack Maclellan |
Patten stalks some big game.

It’s not believed many Predators will play in Europe if there’s a lockout… | Section 303
Especially since most observers expect a short lockout, not a full season lost, don't expect to see guys heading over for short-term gigs in various leagues.

Hold on to your hats, we’re going on the air! | The Predatorial
So it looks like Kris is taking over the Monday Night Forehand podcast, as Justin & Big Ben are joining 102.5 The Game as Penalty Box Radio next month.

Analysis: Nashville Predators may still have edge over Detroit Red Wings | The Tennessean
Have we finally reached the point where the Preds come into a season favored to top Detroit?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Players standing beside, learning from Donald Fehr - National Post
The players do seem to be better prepared for this battle than they were in 2004, that's for sure.

Player Choices : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog ::
Tom says that the players should either fold early, or plan for an entire year cancelled.

NHL: Labor talks focus on revenue sharing | BlueJackets Xtra
Aaron Portzline points out that on the revenue sharing front, the players and owners aren't quite as far apart as has been portrayed.

CHLPA claims players ‘forfeit their youth’ in latest error-filled manifesto - Buzzing The Net
Remember, it's all about "EDUCATAION"! *facepalm*

Let's Chat About the Columbus Defense - The Cannon
Is the balance of talent on the Blue Jackets' roster tilting towards the defense?