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Shea Weber speaks as NHL CBA Talks to resume in New York: Tuesday's notes

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In the event of a lockout, Gary Bettman has already lined up a recurrent guest spot on Matthew Perry's new hit sitcom... um, what's the name of that thing again? Is it still on?
In the event of a lockout, Gary Bettman has already lined up a recurrent guest spot on Matthew Perry's new hit sitcom... um, what's the name of that thing again? Is it still on?

All eyes will be on the latest round of NHL CBA talks, which are slated for later today. Any chance that the logjam breaks and the two sides come outside singing show tunes together? Nah, I don't think so either, but a fan can hope. Our hockey notes start today with Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber, and his take on how things are moving along...

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Nashville Predators News

First up, Shea Weber talks with CBC's Daybreak program about the CBA negotiations and assorted Nashville notes:

Who the Lockout or Shortened Season Will Hurt the Most | The Predatorial
Jeremy points out the cost to local individuals and businesses which would come from each game lost.

Who’s ready for more BIG NEWS? The Predatorial is teaming up with Sam’s Sports Grill in Murfreesboro! | The Predatorial
For those of you in the 'Boro, there will be some viewing parties down there, too. Remember, we're holding an OTF Meetup at their Nashville location.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Bettman, Daly and Fehr ready to reopen NHL contract talks - The Globe and Mail
The talks are supposed to get rolling again today in New York. Will the wheels just spin, or will there be movement by either side?

NHL CBA Meetings: When Do We Know We're in Trouble? - Lighthouse Hockey
I'd say about 3-4 weeks from now, that's when regular season games would have to start being cancelled.

Tampa Bay Lightning's Marty St. Louis says he'll play in Europe in event of NHL lockout - Tampa Bay Times
Unlike some of the Preds who Jeremy of Section 303 talked to the other day, Lightning players are openly planning on heading across the pond. If the players want to have any leverage during a lockout, they'll need to earn money somewhere.

Taking Sides | Backhand Shelf
E argues that getting emotionally invested in the CBA battle can, possibly, matter.

How media coverage, public opinion are shaping NHL talks - SportsBusiness Journal
The players may be winning the PR battle, but the owners don't seem to care.

NBC Sports Network To Get Boost From Channel Relocation - Awful Announcing
Make no mistake, this could provide a nice shot in the arm for NBC Sports' ratings, moving them into the neighborhood of other sports channels and the likes of HGTV, Cooking Channel, etc.

NCAA Might Combine Division III Title Game with Frozen Four " Hockey World Blog
An interesting idea to raise visibility for the D3 schools, but obstacles remain.

If You See Something, Say Something Officials PSA | Homeland Security
Refs from the NHL and other major pro sports all chipped in for a new public service announcement.

Following the Money: The Effect of the 2005 CBA on Forward Salaries |

Tyler takes a deep dive into the trends which have affected salaries over the last seven years.

Glendale, NHL extend Phoenix Coyotes arena agreement for fourth time -
Another minor extension while the paperwork on a franchise sale gets completed?

The Shootout – A Roundtable Discussion on the NHL | Overtime
A number of questions to keep your hockey brain humming.

Can Ryan Murray Make An Immediate Impact in Columbus? | The Hockey Writers
Will the #2 overall pick play a major role on the Blue Jackets' defense this season?

How risky is the Taylor Hall contract? | Backhand Shelf
Taylor Hall is dogged by talk of him being injury prone, but is it fair? He had his faced sliced up pretty badly in a freak warmup accident, for example.

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey: The Top 100 players for 2012-13 | Puck Daddy
My lesson to you regarding Fantasy Hockey? Generic "Top 100" lists are meaningless. Your draft board needs to consider the specific scoring categories used by your league.

Swedish league player Eric Przepiorka punches coach, gets promotion, sparks conspiracy theory | Puck Daddy
Do NOT try this at your workplace.