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NHL CBA Negotiations take a step forward


(SB Nation) -- Good news on the NHL CBA front? Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr and other big wigs from the NHL and the NHL Players' Association met on two separate occasions Tuesday in New York, where the league submitted a modified proposal to the union and the overall tone of talks seemed much more optimistic than in weeks prior.

Neither Fehr or Bettman would comment on the proposal in detail, but the NHL commissioner did say that there was "significant and meaningful movement" on the league's side involving core economic issues. He also noted that the sides are "not far apart on revenue sharing." We'll have to wait and see whether or not the union agrees, but unlike the NHL's prior offer, one that was viewed as a slap in the face from the owners to the players, this one could at least begin the discussion.

"It's a proposal we intend to respond to," Fehr said.

The NHLPA will take the evening to fully review the proposal. The sides will again meet at the NHL's offices in Manhattan on Wednesday. Talks are currently scheduled each day through Friday.