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The Look of Hockey: Wednesday's notes

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With hair like this, who needs a helmet?
With hair like this, who needs a helmet?

Yes, of course we have a number of updates from the NHL CBA talks for you this morning (did the owners' latest proposal represent genuine movement, or was that over-hyped?), but we then move on to consider the more artistic elements of the game. So follow after the jump as we bask in the glow of glorious hockey hair, goalie masks, and some new threads for Team USA...

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Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL offer calls for eventual drop to 50-50 share –
Most will zero in on that "50-50" bit as reason for optimism, although what the "100" represents is open to question, if the owners redefine what qualifies as Hockey Related Revenue.

NHL proposes new deal to players’ association during ongoing labour talks - The Globe and Mail
Was the owners' latest offer really that much of a move?

CBA talks: How I think the players see it | Dallas Stars Blog
Mike Heika shares the players' concern over the narrow band between salary cap & floor that was initially proposed by the owners.

CBA talks: How I think the owners see it | Dallas Stars Blog
Meanwhile, the owners share memories of financial losses both past & present.

Canes Now - CBA's fatal flaw was apparent eight years ago | blogs
Yup, if the owners can squeeze the players hard enough, increased revenue sharing won't matter quite so much.

Down Goes Brown: Winners and losers from the NHL offseason
"Losers: Nashville Predators – While it’s always inspirational when the franchise’s star player believes the team is ready to soar upwards in the standings, some teammates are starting to worry that that’s not the actual meaning of that "Flyers 4ever" tattoo Shea Weber keeps trying to hide from everyone."

Female hockey icons Hayley Wickenheiser, Angela Ruggiero among newest legends in NHL 13 | Puck Daddy
A nice nod to the women's game here.

A History of Hockey Hair In Hockey Culture - The Hockey Writers
For guys who wear helmets all the time, hockey players' hair draws major attention.

An In-Depth Look At Goalie Mask Airbrush Art | The Hockey Writers
These things sure have come a long way over the years.

USA Hockey Unveils All-American Prospect Jerseys | The United States of Hockey
What do you think, salute-worthy? | OMARK TO ZUG
Linus Omark, the skilled winger who dazzled at times for Edmonton, heads back over to Europe.