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Wade Belak: One Year Gone

Few ever
Few ever

It was one year ago today that the shocking news of Wade Belak's passing came and hit us out of nowhere. Chris was on duty that afternoon, and summed all of our thoughts up perfectly:

Wade Belak was an integral member of the organization and will be horribly missed. He was approachable in the locker room, active in the community, and l doubt you'll ever find a funnier NHL player.

The circumstances of his death sparked a tremendous amount of discussion about the league's responsibility to care for its own, particularly in light of the deaths of troubled brawlers Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien earlier that summer. But as I said at the time, "It's a dangerous game to draw conclusions from the recent deaths of these three men, as tempting as that might be."

Rather than debate the issues surrounding his passing, let's remember Wade at his best - interacting with fans, and working the camera, letting that larger-than-life personality take over:

Rest In Peace, #3.