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NHL CBA dance continues with players' response: Friday's notes

The back-and-forth between the NHL's owners and players continues this afternoon when the players bring forth their latest proposal, in response to one put forth by the league earlier this week. At issue is pretty much everything on the economic side of things. How hockey-related revenue is defined, and then how it would be split up between the owners & players, and between the teams themselves via revenue sharing.

We're down to 15 days left under the current CBA... are you getting nervous yet? Our morning hockey notes include updates from those talks, and a birthday celebration for one of the game's all-time greats.

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Nashville Predators News

Smartest Spenders in Sports - Businessweek
The Preds placed 9th in the NHL (and 32nd across all teams across MLB, NFL, NBA and hockey) in this measure, which gives added weight to playoff success.

Line Combinations | Admirals Roundtable
Ryan wonders how the lines will shake out, if guys like Craig Smith and Gabby Bourque start the season in Milwaukee thanks to a lockout.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL proposals to change revenue formula would be significant - CBC Sports
When does 50/50 really mean 54/46 for the owners?

NHLPA response to CBA proposal key to lockout, more NHL news - Allan Muir -
Gary Bettman used the word "entitlement" to describe the NHLPA's desire to maintain something close to 57% of hockey-related revenues, a pretty naked attempt to stir things up.

Canadiens icon Jean Béliveau returning to fighting form - Montreal Gazette
Happy 81st Birthday wishes go out to Le Gros Bill, who survived a serious health scare earlier this year. I still say the league should rename the Lady Byng Trophy in Jean Beliveau's honor.

Oilers and Eberle Agree to a Six-Year Extension - The Copper & Blue
This will prove an interesting test case for the stats cognoscenti. Eberle looks like a guy who the hockey gods smiled upon last season, and may not be the 80-point player that many hope he is.

Pens Re-Sign Eric Tangradi, Robert Bortuzzo and Alex Grant...UPDATE: Brian Strait too - PensBurgh
A busy day for Ray Shero in Pittsburgh.

What’s going to happen to Brian Elliott next season? | Backhand Shelf
Falling back to Earth could make for an awful mess.

Behold! Roman Amphitheatre begins transforming into hockey rink | Puck Daddy

The Evolution of the Hockey Video Game | The Hockey Writers
Calling "Pong" hockey is a bit of a reach, but for me hockey video games started with Intellivision. Then, when it came time to buy a computer before I headed off to college, one of the main reasons I went with an Amiga 500 was because of a rather awesome hockey game on there. And of course the NHL series on Sega Genesis is why it took me 10 years to get through college...

Fair-weather fans, gym flirting etiquette, the NHL lockout nightmare, and more in this week's Bake Shop mailbag - Grantland
Some handy advice here on how to cope with a work stoppage.

Winners, losers in NBC Sports 2012-13 NHL TV schedule | Puck Daddy
The Nashville Predators' presence on NBC Sports will grow by 50%!!! Assuming, of course, that the season starts on time.

The Neuvirth Translation: Verification and Attribution - Russian Machine Never Breaks
An outstanding and thorough defense of their article from a few weeks ago that touched off controversy in Washington.

Top 30 Best Hockey Fights (Picks 16-30) - The Hockey Writers
The late great Wade Belak makes an appearance here.

Problem Athletes, Not a Problem in Hockey | Overtime
Why are hockey players so gosh darn well-behaved?

Labor Day sales mean huge hockey equipment savings | Hockey Gear HQ
This is your chance to start hockey season with new skates or a new stick to help you get the jump on your competition! And yes, goalies can save, too...