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Devils in a hard place: Tuesday's notes

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<em>You wouldn't happen to have a million or two I could borrow for a while, would ya?</em>
You wouldn't happen to have a million or two I could borrow for a while, would ya?

What, you thought Phoenix was the only hard-luck story around the NHL these days? Nope, the ugly tale of Jeff Vanderbeek and his debt troubles in New Jersey is surfacing once again... is having a Back to School sale - get Free Shipping on orders >$50 if you use the code BTSFS.

Nashville Predators News

Top Moments From 2011-2012 – #10: Weber ties and beats Detroit in the final 5 minutes | The Predatorial
Take a flashback to a fun game from last December...

2012 U.S. WJC Camp: Day 3 Recap – USA White vs. Sweden | The United States of Hockey
Patrick Pontus Aberg scored for Sweden...

2012 U.S. WJC Camp: Day 3 Recap — USA Blue vs. Finland | The United States of Hockey
While USA's other squad pulled off a win over Finland.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Devils owner short, needs $20M more -
Brother, can you spare $20 million?

Engineering Hockey Sense: Teaching the "Unteachable" | All Habs Hockey Magazine

Fehr says still sufficient time to get NHL deal done - The Globe and Mail
tick... tock... tick... tock...

Are ad logos coming to NHL sweaters? | Red Light
You know, I wouldn't be surprised to see something along these lines, as a way for both the players and owners to make a bit more coin while squabbling over the share of revenues in the CBA.

The Free World | Backhand Shelf
E always makes me feel like the crappiest writer on the planet by comparison. Here, she captures her hockey-playing persona (which pretty much matches my own): "On the ice I am pure role-player, everything focussed on keeping my position, knowing my place, and supporting the better players on my team. I measure my success not in goals and assists but board-battles won and passes completed, on keeping it in their zone or getting it out of mine. I’m not good individually. I don’t need to be good individually. I just want to be a good part of a team."

Red Wings are still searching for a defenseman - Detroit Free Press
Detroit may be after some of the same guys the Preds could use.

Hockey as an industry | Backhand Shelf
Cam wonders if anything can be done about the business-like manner in which personality gets ground out of hockey players.

Brian Burke and Long-Term Contracts | Toronto Maple Leafs
Is Burke fighting with one hand tied behind his back?

Pat Sajak Somehow Ended Up On A Sidney Crosby Hockey Card - Deadspin

NHL Goal Songs | The Hockey Writers
Now here's a useful resource, a sampling of every team's celebratory song.