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Report: Preds being sued by radio "intern"

The Nashville City Paper brings news that the Predators are being sued by Adam Davis of 107.5 "The River", after a practice run for an on-ice promotion resulted in a broken ankle:

Davis, better known on WRVW-107.5 The River as Intern Adam, was supposed to be slung down the ice on a sled and into a set-up of bowling pins. But during the rehearsal prior to the Preds' game against the Calgary Flames, he missed the pins completely and crashed into the side of the rink.


Davis was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where screws had to be placed in his ankle.

I'd be surprised if the Preds let this take place without waivers being signed (as the City Paper report claims), as these stunts obviously carry some degree of risk. But that's what courts are for, to sort out all the evidence.

Here's video of the incident from the radio station's YouTube channel. There is some (mostly unintelligible) NSFW language: