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We sure hope Rinne & Weber pay off better than CJ: Monday's notes

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While watching the game (and the ensuing reaction on Twitter) as the Tennessee Titans fell to New England 34-13 yesterday, I couldn't help but draw some comparisons between our two local major league sports teams. The Titans, of course, gave Chris Johnson his huge payday about a year ago and haven't exactly gotten their money's worth. Yesterday's 4-yard rushing effort doesn't exactly have the home fans singing his praises:

Chris Johnson, though he did not get much help up front, still looks very indecisive running the ball. There is no question that he just isn't the same guy that he was his first four years in the league. Giving him all of that money last season was a terrible decision.

--- Jimmy Morris, Music City Miracles

This season, the two biggest names on the Nashville Predators are striking it rich - Shea Weber with his 14-year, $110 million deal, and Pekka Rinne with his 7 years and $49 million. It's interesting how little we worry about these two living up to those deals, compared to what we see in football (Albert Haynesworth, anyone?). Yes, I had my objections to the Rinne deal, but that more to do with the length of it as opposed to the dollar figures, considering the way Mitch Korn has been able to develop talent over the years.

How about you, though? Do you worry about these two and their ability to deliver on the combined $21 million they'll make in 2012-2013?

Ponder that question while reading your morning hockey notes...

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