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Friday's Dump & Chase: NHL Owners Vote Unanimously for Lockout

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Yesterday was pretty frustrating for hockey fans. Instead of progress on the negotiating front, it was an opportunity for both the owners and players to publicly proclaim their resolve to fight for what's right... at least in their eyes.

But hey, it's not all gloom & doom. We've got a few chuckles for you as well this morning. Consider it the hockey version of gallows humor...

Nashville Predators News

Boom or Bust? Nashville Predator Edition | The Predatorial
A hodge-podge of players who could soar or bore this year.

Fisher: ‘We feel like we’re negotiating with ourselves’ | Nashville Predators
Josh Cooper got Mike Fisher's thoughts on how things are going.

Admirals All-Time Roster - Milwaukee Admirals
Everyone from Ramzi Abid to Richard Zemlak is listed for you here...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

This whole mess is simply infuriating, so before getting into the latest round of posturing, let's at least have a few laughs. First up, the incomparable duo of Bloge Salming & Down Goes Brown:

And next up, this little ditty found at Puck Daddy:

OK... now it's down to business:

2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHL Board Of Governors Unanimously Approves Lockout If Necessary - Defending Big D
Unanimous, folks... remember that.

Gary Bettman: ‘This is very hard and I feel terrible about it’ | Puck Daddy
Me too, Gary, me too.

NHLPA Press Conference on Livestream
Catch the players' side of things as the videos for the statements by both Donald Fehr and Sidney Crosby are available here.

League and players are fighting in an age of disagreement - The Globe and Mail
Ken Dryden takes a walk through recent history and is left shaking his head.

Impact of revenue growth on NHL and NHLPA Proposals - Silver Seven
As I wrote about a month ago, I can see why the owners aren't jumping on the players' proposal, which is built on an assumption of continued strong revenue growth.

Bettman should consider stepping away from talks - CBC Sports
Give Elliotte Friedman points for thinking outside the box, but given how much money he stands to make the owners over the term of the next CBA, I can't imagine Bettman going anywhere.

Measuring the NHL-NHLPA divide: Oh, about $1-billion - The Globe and Mail
James Mirtle breaks down the gap between the two proposals in a very understandable fashion.

Life Tips: Guiding Your Significant Other Through the NHL Lockout - Lighthouse Hockey
Sound relationship advice here.

Shane Doan’s decision down to Coyotes vs. Canucks, according to report | Puck Daddy
I guess the Preds weren't on the "really short list". At the money they've been talking, this would have been a lousy deal for an aging power forward, anyway.

The Detroit Red Wings sign Carlo Colaiacovo, finally | Edmonton Journal
Two years, $5 million. You can't buy vowels on Wheel of Fortune for cheaper than that.

Major stumbling blocks threaten Edmonton’s downtown arena project | Edmonton Journal
Fresh new demands may put the kabosh on that new arena for the Oilers.

The Next Captain Columbus - The Cannon
Who should the Blue Jackets pin the "C" on next?

KHL goalie Kevin Lalande gives up most embarrassing goal of new season (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
Cue the sad trombone...