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Saturday's Dump & Chase: The End of the NHL CBA is Nigh

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Tonight at midnight Eastern, the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was struck back in 2005 between the NHL's owners and players expires, and we enter the void of a lockout once again. Nothing more than pure avarice is needed to explain why a league enjoying healthy revenue growth needs to shut down like this, but as fans we have little option but to wait for the two sides to get something done.

So before we get to today's hockey notes, something to set the scene...

Nashville Predators News

Preds On The Glass: An alternative view of the NHL lockout
Buddy's ready to move on and make the best of things during the long dark.

The Hippodrome: The World Was A Mess But Their Hair Was Perfect | Pith in the Wind
How did J.R. find such a candid photo of Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman???

Nashville Predators brace for NHL lockout | The Tennessean
It sounds like A-Game in Cool Springs is where you can catch the Preds practicing next week.

Smashville 24/7 - Mason voices frustration with Bettman, CBA talks
Player says NHLPA is offering a fair deal.

Predators' new practice rink could find a home in redeveloped Bellevue mall - Nashville Business Journal
Ice in Bellevue? Hey, anywhere in the area sounds good, just start building already!

Mayor Dean weighs in on lockout | Nashville Predators
As expected, he just wants to see busy nights at Bridgestone.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

BREAKING: Shane Doan signs 4 Year Deal with the Phoenix Coyotes - Five For Howling
Well, that's boring. Good for the Phoenix fans, though.

How To Earn A Raise: Burrows Re-Ups for 4 Yrs, $18 Million - Nucks Misconduct
So much for that brief fling some were having about the possibility of trading for Alexander Burrows.

Dallas Stars Sign Kari Lehtonen To 5-Year, $29 Million Contract Extension - Defending Big D
That seems a bit high for a guy who has put up pretty average results in his career.

Reasons the lockout will be short and why the season may be in jeopardy - The Globe and Mail
Portents of doom, reasons for hope - which ones are you drawn to?

The rules of a lockout - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun lays out all the details of what a lockout means. Good news, J.P. Dumont, those checks will keep on coming!

How to explain NHL lockout to your non-hockey friends: Puck Daddy’s Guide | Puck Daddy
I think I'll just print this out and post it on the front door of our house.

What is wrong with hockey players? Peter Adler weighs in …. | Edmonton Journal
Why, how dare those hockey-playing rubes take a stand against the benevolent owners who shower them with riches? How arrogant!

Quebec Labour Board rejects injunction against lockout; somehow, everyone is pleased | Puck Daddy
Le Sideshow de Quebec.

Labour relations in hockey: Pucking the trend | The Economist
OK, they may get a couple things wrong, but I'm always geeked when The Best Magazine In The World touches on the NHL.

Media bans show teams still don't understand access - Awful Announcing
An outstanding read here for anyone interested in the issue of credentialed access for sports bloggers.

How Gary Bettman Spent The Vancouver Riots - Deadspin
Ooh... this looks like interesting reading.

Limited-Time Offers Save Hockey Players & Goalies on New Equipment | Hockey Gear HQ
Hockey season is getting underway, so now is the best time for skater & goalies to replace that old gear and save money on new skates, sticks, or other equipment.