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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: "Hockeyville" Game Cancelled Due to NHL Lockout

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A special game between Columbus & Toronto is the first cancellation of the 2012 NHL pre-season.
A special game between Columbus & Toronto is the first cancellation of the 2012 NHL pre-season.

We can check off the milestones for NHL Lockout 2012 one by one. Yesterday we got the first word of staff layoffs for certain teams, and this morning's hockey notes include word of the first game cancellation, a special event which, ironically enough, is supposed to celebrate Canada's passion for hockey.

To paraphrase the poet, "there is no joy in Hockeyville. The mighty NHL has locked them out."

Nashville Predators News

Nashville is on hook for millions even if Predators don't play | The Tennessean
Even if the new lease has shifted towards less guaranteed money for the team, the city is still eyeing this situation warily.

No lockout layoffs for the Preds |
It sounds like Predators staff are safe for now. My guess is that they're hard at work rehearsing for a show that will keep Bridgestone Arena humming during the lockout, as in The Muppet Movie. I hereby nominate Pete Weber & Terry Crisp for the roles of Statler & Waldorf.

Lockout gives former Nashville Predators chance to catch up with team | The Tennessean
The German Ginger is back skating with his fellow defensemen...

Smashville 24/7 - Gill almost chose football over hockey
Whew, at least now we know there's a backup-backup plan in case Jake Locker and Matt Hasselback don't work out.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Dark Blue Jacket: Of course it had to happen to Columbus
The Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs get the honor of the first game cancellation of this lockout. It's a real shame for the community of Stirling-Rawdon, which had won the honor of being declared Hockeyville 2012 and was going to host the game.

A lost NHL season could happen again - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek examines the pessimistic angle.

CBA negotiations at 'crucial' period - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
The "informal" talks are still ongoing, but will the parties actually get back into a negotiating room sometime soon?

Moderate and smaller-revenue owners the key figures in NHL lockout - The Globe and Mail
Could the Nashvilles and Floridas of the league band together and overrule the Bostons and Philadelphias? Don't bet on that happening any time soon.

Down Goes Brown: Take the quiz: How well do you really know the CBA negotiations?
As always, comedy gold here.

Florida Panthers announce employee layoffs - The Globe and Mail
Reportedly, even the mascot's a goner.

Anschutz puts AEG up for sale " LA Kings Insider
This is a big freaking deal. AEG runs arenas all over the world, and is the parent company of the L.A. Kings.

Locked-out NHL rivals look to team up to stay sharp - The Globe and Mail
I love this idea, tapping into the Montreal-Quebec rivalry to stage some exhibition games.

Assessing performance in all three zones: Zone entry data for the Wild and Flyers |
More data decrying the dump & chase.

Nail Yakupov, other NHL players facing IIHF transfer card controversy in Europe | Puck Daddy
The only thing slowing down the exodus to Europe? Red tape.

Trouble in Grand Forks — North Dakota Suspends Four Captains | The United States of Hockey
Just change their name to "The Partying Sioux".

Watch Joakim Lindstrom drive Linus Klasen’s head into the ice in Swedish league (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
Yikes, brutal stuff for the one-time Predator.

Steve Sabol Changed How We Watch Football | Playbook |
Not hockey-related, but just about any sports fan is familiar with Steve Sabol, the face of NFL Films, who passed away yesterday at age 69.