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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Impact of Pre-season Cancellations Starts to Be Felt

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Ryan Ellis may well served to start the season in Milwaukee, as opposed to other players who are practicing on their own, or heading to Europe.
Ryan Ellis may well served to start the season in Milwaukee, as opposed to other players who are practicing on their own, or heading to Europe.

Now that the first slate of pre-season games have been cancelled by the NHL, the lockout is truly starting to impact both teams and individuals from a hockey perspective. The rush to Europe is on for many players, while younger ones who have been sent to the AHL can get to work in a more conventional fashion. In the event of a relatively short lockout, which will be better prepared for the NHL grind?

That question, and many more, await you in this morning's notes...

Nashville Predators News

If Preds GM David Poile's actions are any indication, NHL fans may be out of puck - Nashville Scene
J.R. sees those recent contract extensions as a possible backup plan should the entire season be lost. I wonder if they were done in anticipation of players becoming eligible for free agency earlier under the next CBA.

Younger Nashville Predators look forward to the minors | The Tennessean
In particular, Gabriel Bourque and Ryan Ellis could be set up well by starting out the season with the Admirals.

Missed preseason games could translate into missed opportunities - Nashville Predators Examiner
We've seen guys come out of nowhere to earn a roster spot in training camp before, so we'll have to see how the training camp/pre-season situation works out, whenever the season does get underway.

The View from 111: Predators Foundation and Brent Peterson Party for a Great Cause
Mark shares a host of pictures from this week's gala fundraiser down at Bridgestone Arena.

Penalty Box Radio " A Lockouts Suck, Drop The Puck Event
No hockey, no problem, as a gaggle of Preds bloggers are getting together for a night at the movies.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Quotes of the Week: Lockout Nastiness 2003-2005 : The Hockey Writers
This offers some terrific perspective on things. Take Cam Cole's comments from the last lockout: "The greatest fear any of us should have is that they will come back before the job is done, with a half-baked solution full of loopholes that will have been turned inside out before you can say Martin Lapointe by agents doing exactly what they are paid to do." Yeah, I think he called that one.

Making sense of hockey-related revenue - CBC Sports
Everything you wanted to know about the thorny issue of defining Hockey Related Revenue.

Mike Modano estimates he lost $7M in last lockout - ESPN
Of course, we have to keep in mind that Modano was an older vet. The younger guys have more of their careers at stake. Will the players' greater unity and resolve serve them well this time around?

NHL staffers will take 20-percent pay cuts, 4-day work weeks in lockout | Puck Daddy
Belts are tightening even at NHL headquarters.

Panthers Announce Season Ticket Holder "Protection Plan" - Litter Box Cats
Talk about the carrot & stick approach! Florida fans can leave their money with the team and get a 10% credit, or ask for refunds when games get cancelled, and risk having their account closed with the team.

Agent: Expect long lockout, maybe another lost season -
"I see zero chance of a deal anytime soon," said the agent. "The idea of a 'roll back' and 'term limits' is all over the deals [signed right before the lockout] and Don Fehr knows it and is not going to roll over and agree to it."

Ovechkin: ‘If our contracts get slashed, I will have to think whether to return there or not’ - Capitals Insider - The Washington Post
Alex Ovechkin talks tough about the NHL lockout.

Dreger: OHL targetting fighters; NHL targetting embellishers - TSN
Diving seems to be this year's penalty that the league wants to crack down on. We'll see how long that lasts.

Bouillon happy to be back home - Montreal Gazette
The Cube, Michel Therrien, and Montreal - it's a natural fit.

Interview: Ken Hitchcock talks about his coaching philosophy | Backhand Shelf
Hitch is one of my absolute favorite coaches out there, and this interview is well worth your time.

Rec Hockey Thoughts: What’s appropriate etiquette during a rec hockey blowout? | Backhand Shelf
I've been on both ends of this dilemma. When getting your brains beat out, I've gone with the "let's just try to win this period" angle, and when leading, try to move the puck around and not run things up too much.

Frequent fighters in OHL will face suspensions — reports - Buzzing The Net
A controversial move here, although you wouldn't think it would have to be so.