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Friday's Dump & Chase: Recreational Hockey Edition

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Now that was a team, I tell ya! Sorry for the grainy image, this is from 1995.
Now that was a team, I tell ya! Sorry for the grainy image, this is from 1995.

Yes, of course we have loads of NHL Lockout updates for you this morning, but you know what? Those can wait until the end. Let's start of our around-the-world-of-hockey notes with a few items regarding adult recreational hockey, which can be a great way to fill the void left by the pros. ..

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators forced to wait out lockout's end | The Tennessean
Well, at least A-Game is making some money off the lockout, by renting that morning ice several times a week.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Braving the Beer League- Other Intricacies of Skating " Not Another Hockey Blog
If you've ever thought of taking up playing hockey as an adult, follow along with John as he gets started. It's never too late!

5 little hockey tricks that can make your day, even when you don’t see the stat sheet | Backhand Shelf
#3 is one of my absolute favorite plays in the game, but I'll add one of my own. If you're getting dumped to the ice, a well-placed extension of your leg or stick can make sure your opponent doesn't get away scot-free. Subtlety is key, however...

Product review: the Sock Trap | Backhand Shelf
Hmm... this is interesting. I'm not a big sock tape guy myself, but these do look pretty cool.

Potential NHL Seattle owner talks relocation vs. expansion | Puck Daddy
I'll take expansion, please! Gimme 32 teams.

Chris Pronger reportedly improving, while Keith Primeau struggles seven years later - Broad Street Hockey
I think we can forget about Pronger ever playing in the NHL again, but hope for his recovery.

NHL keeping eye on OHL's new fighting rule - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
What will the NHL do if junior hockey dries up its supply of goons?

One-on-One With Jim Devellano, Detroit Red Wings Senior VP - IslandSportsNews
Jimmy D doesn't waste any words shilling for the owners - "I'll make a suggestion Scott. Let the players take 43% and let the owners take 57%. Just reverse it from where it is now and let the owners run the rest of their business and manage their expenses... Yes, they are billionaires. Good on them, they deserve it, but they also make their employees millionaires. Not a bad trade off for a guy like Lucic getting what, 6 million dollars a year? I mean good on him too, but he should be grateful." (found via George Malik)

NHLPA memo: the lockout is indeed a ‘cash grab’ - KuklasKorner
George Malik parses an agent's tweets about an NHLPA memo outlining to the players just how severe the NHL's current offer is.

Recent Industry Trends Will Impact Players' Share of NHL Revenues - Forbes
An argument in favor of the idea that yes, the NFL and NBA CBA's do provide a model to work from for hockey.

Here's why we should care about back-diving - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Solving the issue of cap-gimmick contracts could be quite difficult, even after the battle over Hockey Related Revenue is settled.

Winners and Losers under the current CBA (Part 3) |
Mind-blowing play toys to be found here at the very end!

Ryan Miller: ‘It is hard to trust the owners’ - The Globe and Mail
The players feel they've made a good-faith offer by restricting future salary growth and don't want their losses to become gains for the teams which are currently making healthy profits, but the league wants more.

NHL losing the war on social media - The Globe and Mail
I would say that the NHL isn't even participating in this one, and why would they?

Once NHL season begins coaches will have to hit the ground running - The Globe and Mail
This is an area in which the Preds, who have had very little roster change over the summer, could enjoy an advantage over some other teams.

It’s time for Gary Bettman and the NHL to police its owners | Puck Daddy
I think Greg's tilting at windmills here, unfortunately. The owners will always have strong personal agendas which will get in the way of notions like fair play.