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Saturday's Dump & Chase: J.P. Dumont Still Hopes for NHL Return

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Easily one of the Top 5 Mustaches in Nashville Predators history right there.
Easily one of the Top 5 Mustaches in Nashville Predators history right there.

Sure, all of us fans want to see the NHL come back to us as quickly as possible, but one former Nashville Predator is hoping to get back into the league himself. As part of his coverage of the players' local workouts at A-Game Sportsplex, the Tennessean's Josh Cooper caught up with J.P. Dumont, and that story leads off our Saturday hockey notes...

Nashville Predators News

J.P. Dumont skates and waits | The Tennessean
J.P. still hopes to catch on with an NHL team, but hey, at least with his buyout he's still going to receive paychecks during the lockout.

David Climer: NHL will survive this lockout | The Tennessean
Climer points out how diehard hockey fans are, and how that emboldens the owners. One critical point is off, however - pointing to individual contracts like Shea Weber's as a sign that owners need to be saved "from themselves" is nonsense. In a hard cap environment, every extra dollar that a guy like Weber gets is one less for everybody else. It's the overall share of HRR that matters.

Arena secures $10M line of credit for future improvements |
Details from the recent Sports Authority meeting include a dedicated fund for capital improvements at Bridgestone Arena.

Jersey Fouls: Brad Marchand’s nose, Wild Fouls and delicious Mac-n-Chez | Puck Daddy
Paul Nicholson of @Predfans fame contributed a pretty awful Mike Fisher jersey for this edition.

Chris Mason Breaks Out Bold Predators Logo on New Brian's Gear - The Goalie Magazine
Mase is going to be sporting some spiffy new equipment whenever the season does start.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL lockout: Leafs-Wings Winter Classic could die in November -
Commissioner Bettman is threatening to cancel the Winter Classic sooner, rather than later, to avoid giving the NHLPA any leverage in CBA negotiations. *facepalm*

Accountant blows whistle on numbers - The Globe and Mail
Canada's "champion of forensic accounting" says there is plenty of room for interpretation when it comes to statements that the league as a whole is losing money.

An interview with NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly - Tampa Bay Times
Daly argues that the NHLPA hasn't been as compromising as people generally believe.

Is this the worst moment in Edmonton Oilers franchise history? | Edmonton Journal
Progress on a new Oilers arena has ground to a halt, and now the owner is threatening the team's future in Edmonton.

Steve James, director of ‘Hoop Dreams,’ on concussions and why NHL needs to end fighting now | Puck Daddy
As in any other industry, employee safety can become an overwhelming financial issue. Sure, fans love the fights, but over time the league will be compelled to reduce its part in the game.

Tired of crickets in NHL rinks? Perhaps a cricket inspired spin-off could cure what ails you | Backhand Shelf
This one's for you, J.R.

The Deadspin Twitter -100*: The 67 Worst Accounts In Sports
A few hockey entries make the list, thanks in part (or in whole?) to our own Sam Page.

Derek Boogaard -- Dead NHL Star's Parents File $9.8 Million Lawsuit |
This reads rather strangely. The parents are reportedly suing the NHLPA for not filing a grievance on their behalf to fight for the remaining salary from Boogaard's NHL contract. Wouldn't the real target be the NHL and the New York Rangers, then?

Watch Guy Boucher’s awesome hockey stick baseball pitch at Tampa Bay Rays game (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
OK, this is awesome.

Blue Jackets Foundation has contingency plan for community grants - Fox Sports Ohio
We've talked about how team staff in various NHL cities are feeling the pinch, but charitable foundations will also take a hit during this work stoppage.

Limited-Time Offers Save Hockey Players & Goalies on New Equipment | Hockey Gear HQ
These coupon codes are still valid, saving goalies 10%, and skaters 20% on skates, sticks, and more - but for how long?

And lastly... a little Don Cherry perspective on the lockout: