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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Recalling a Milestone for Women's Hockey

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While the saber rattling continues with the NHL CBA negotiations, let's take some time out today to celebrate a landmark achievement in the league's history, when a female player took the ice for the first time representing an NHL team...

Nashville Predators News

Predators hire own coach during lockout | The Tennessean
The players aren't just playing shinny, they're holding their own miniature training camp.

Get to know… National League A (Switzerland) | Hockey Gal Milwaukee
I had no idea that SC Bern (the team Roman Josi is returning to) has the highest attendance of any hockey team in Europe...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Manon Rhéaume shatters the gender barrier - Tampa Bay Lightning
Take a trip back in time, to the day 20 years ago when Manon Rhéaume tended goal for the Lightning during a preseason game against St. Louis. As pointed out below, she spent a year in Nashville with the ECHL's Knight's in the mid-90's, going 3-0:

NHL Season Could Be in Jeopardy " Berger Bytes
Another league source speaks with determination that the NHL is ready to cancel the season entirely to get what they want.

Larry Brooks: NHL season may be canceled if moderate owners don’t intervene -
My hope is that the talk about cancelling the season is designed to get both sides contemplating the high cost of doing so, which impels them to make a deal soon.

Shannon on lockout: Not just about the cash -
There are still several outstanding issues in the CBA negotiations besides the split of Hockey Related Revenue, and even if they're not the most contentious of splits, they will take time to resolve.

League and NHLPA to meet but only to discuss hockey-related revenues - The Globe and Mail
The two sides are talking, but only to wrap up the financial data from last season. The players are due some hefty checks in the middle of next month, returning escrow funds from 2011-2012.

Tyler Bertuzzi And The Ten Fight Rule |
Tyler Dellow neatly lays bare the savagery of junior hockey. In Canada, you can't engage in boxing or MMA fighting at age 17 or under, but hockey fights are considered standard business, and the new "10 fight limit" is only the smallest of baby steps in the right direction.

Dirty Dangle Hockey: Get To Know The KHL
Everything you ever wanted to know about Russian hockey but were afraid to ask.