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Vote on the Biggest Blooper in Nashville Predators History

Great goals, huge hits and amazing saves are nice and all, but these memorable missteps live on in infamy.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

We spend most of the time on sites like this talking about outstanding achievements in sports - the most amazing plays, accomplished athletes, or spectacular teams of our time. Let's take a moment to flip the script, however, and consider some recent instances where things went horribly awry for the Nashville Predators...

Ryan Suter's Field Goal

The date? March 24, 2011. The Preds are holding a late 5-3 lead over the Anaheim Ducks, and as Corey Perry makes a desperate centering pass, Ryan Suter goes all Mason Crosby and kicks the puck into the top corner stick-side past a stunned Pekka Rinne, turning what should have been a routine clock-melting affair into a nail-biter:

Craig Smith's Skyrocket

November 17, 2011 - with the Toronto Maple Leafs in town, the Predators took care of business in multiple ways. Not only did they beat the visitors 4-1, but Brian McGrattan pounded Jay Rosehill's face to mush, and Craig Smith made every highlight segment in North America by failing to score on an empty net from just a few feet away:

I love the "WHAT?" by Barry Trotz at the 0:17 mark...

David Legwand's Hand Trick

Leggy's hands were up to some strange things during the Preds' 2012 playoff run, but none cost the team more dearly than a puck which he batted out of the air and into the slot, where the Coyotes' Radim Vrbata pounced on it to give Phoenix a daunting 3-1 lead in Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals:

So which of these gaffes gets your vote for the biggest blooper?