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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: I Missed You, Smashville

Last night, the Preds were supposed to play their first preseason game at Bridgestone Arena. Instead, the game faces an uncertain future.

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Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

Hey, I missed you last night. Weren't we all supposed to be downtown booing the heck of the St. Louis Blahs, and cheering on the Preds in their first home preseason game?

But I missed you, Ms. Ticket-Taker, and you, Mr. Make-Up-Your-Mind-And-Order-Your-Food at the concession stand (how are you always RIGHT in front of me in line?), and even you, Mr. Moan-And-Groan-Over-Every-Missed-Pass.

Dang lockout... well, here are your morning hockey notes anyway:

Nashville Predators News

One Empty Barn, 17,113 Angry Fans | The Predatorial
Jeremy stews over the lack of a game last night at Bridgestone Arena.

Paul McCann - Game Night in... oh... never mind...
We'll have to wait for who-knows-how-long before hearing Paul's booming voice filling the buidling, and that sucks.

Workouts with Nashville Predators are a dream come true for local goalies | The Tennessean
The rarity of goalies works to their benefit when the pros are on the ice. This is awesome for the two guys mentioned here.

NHL 2012-13 Campaign Preview: Nashville Predators | Puck Daddy
Harrison Mooney's preview includes an outstanding suture pun.

Most Hated Team: Nashville Predators - The Cannon
The Preds hold a special place in the heart of this Columbus fan.

Smashville 24/7 - Rinne ‘close’ to signing in KHL; Fisher talks lockout
It doesn't sound like Fish wants to go anywhere.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL, NHLPA to resume collective bargaining negotiations on Friday - Yahoo! Sports Canada

Well, this is something. At least they'll start talking face-to-face again.

Edmonton mayor questions Oilers ability to draw big crowds in Seattle - The Globe and Mail
Will the city call Daryl Katz's bluff?

Canucks hire Dan Cloutier as goaltending consultant - The Globe and Mail

Economist: No Red Wings games played this season would mean estimated $84.4 million loss for the city |
This is pretty back-of-the-napkin stuff, and doesn't even mention substitution effects (the fact that a dollar not spent at the rink gets spent elsewhere in the city).

Nikolay Zherdev’s goal of the year candidate from KHL, with between the legs move (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy
So... when's that American KHL TV package coming?

Canucks hire Dan Cloutier as goaltending consultant - The Globe and Mail

SB Nation Relaunches, Hires First Editorial Director | Adweek
The changes with SB Nation United aren't just cosmetic, it sounds like there's some editorial changes going on as well.

This might be the most amazing thing about ‘NHL 13′: Making Sidney Crosby fly | Puck Daddy
Sweeeeeeeet. Just check out the following video for some really off-the-wall stuff: