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Thursday's Dump & Chase: A Golden Goose?

High praise from Barry Trotz has many questioning the value of faceoff specialist Paul Gaustad.

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Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

At what point does praise backfire?

Our hockey notes this morning begin with a response to a strong compliment paid by Barry Trotz to one of his players, which drew immediate reaction for being over-the-top. When statements like that go too far, do they risk provoking criticism, rather than deflecting it?

Nashville Predators News

Someone send Barry Trotz to Behind the Net | The Two-Line Pass
Ryan deftly dismantles a quote that was promoted from an ESPN article yesterday (to which I contributed as one of the panelists), in which Barry Trotz mentioned that Paul Gaustad's presence on the roster might be worth 10 points in the standings. That's the kind of stuff that makes the analytics crowd cringe. I like Goose, but very, very few players are worth 10 points to their team.

Hörnqvist hopeful after first practice | Hockey Allsvenskan |
It looks like Patric enjoys being back with his old squad. He practiced with Djurgarden yesterday, and hopes to play for them soon.

Jack Maclellan motivated by early taste of life with the Nashville Predators -
Consider him the mystery man... since we haven't gotten to see him play yet.

Fighting's Future - Nashville Predators
Stu Grimson walks through the pros and cons of fighting in today's game. Where I beg to differ with him is that the enforcer's code has, in recent years, changed in that the big heavyweights only seem to engage with each other, and don't actually do much when someone lays out a big hit on one of their teammates.

Admirals' practice begins Monday - JSOnline
Camp opens next week in Milwaukee.

More of the Same - CYCWORDS
One impact of the lockout is that you could see a few higher-quality prospects pushed down to Cincinnati in a numbers game.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Puck Daddy chats with Keith Primeau about concussions, if ex-players would sue NHL over them and lockout | Puck Daddy
It doesn't sound like hockey players are considering the same sort of suit as NFL vets.

Bonuses, escrow refunds to ease lockout pain –
The players could feel confident in staying away from negotiations for quite a while, given the money they'll receive next month.

Veterans of the labour wars - The Globe and Mail
I love the way Sean O'Donnell characterizes the intelligence of Don Fehr in this one.

Donald Fehr forges ironclad solidarity - The Globe and Mail
This is easy to say now, when it's just preseason that we're missing, but let's check back on this in a month.

Will NHLPA push for fines over suspensions in new NHL CBA? | Puck Daddy
This raises an interesting question, of whether fines would really get a player's attention like a suspension can.

Jean Ratelle, Jacques Lemaire, Sergei Zubov among NHL's most underrated players -
Zubov was outshined by guys like Leetch and Messier in New York, then toiled under the radar in Dallas, but he was one of the top defensemen of the last 20 years.

And since we're still in the lockout, it's time to roll out another silly video making the rounds...