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Friday's Dump & Chase: Players & Owners Back at the Table

You've got to start somewhere, I suppose - after seeing the preseason cancelled, the two sides will resume talks by working through minor issues. Even though fans & writers tend to scoff at the preseason, that represents real revenue lost to the league, something on the order of 1-2% at least.

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Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Nashville Predators News

European teams limit NHL spots | The Tennessean
For the 3rd- and 4th-line guys, they don't have quite the mountain of cash to live on like the big boys, and they can't find work overseas, either. This situation covers perhaps the majority of the NHLPA membership - not everybody rakes in Shea Weber's kind of salary.

Smashville 24/7 - McGrattan leaves gloves on for new regimen
Some guys working on skating, others...

Smashville 24/7 - Mason ‘saw greatness’ in Rinne before stardom
I feel much better about the backup goaltending situation this season.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL's CBA talks to resume with three days of meetings - TSN
At least the two sides are going to sit down together, even if "secondary issues" are filling the agenda (such as travel, grievances, etc.).

Katz’s Seattle gambit gives black eye to NHL owners, league insiders say, just when owners don’t need another one | Edmonton Journal
This is not exactly the best time for one of the richest guys in Canada to shake down Alberta taxpayers.

Nicklas Lidstrom prepares for next phase of his life, as a scout -
Lidstrom's timing, however, was characteristically perfect. The guy sure picked the right time to retire.

Davidson Leaving Blues | BlueJackets Xtra
John Davidson has led a remarkable rebuilding effort in St. Louis... might he be moving on to Columbus?

The one day that Mike Richter was a member of the Edmonton Oilers | Edmonton Journal
This could be subtitled, "And how the Preds got the draft pick to select Shea Weber".