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Lockout, Shmockout - let's have a meetup anyway: Tuesday's notes

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What lady could turn down that serial-killer stare?
What lady could turn down that serial-killer stare?

With the NHL owners and players taking a break from CBA negotiations, hockey fans are left to speculate on what to do. Hmm... what to do... what to do...

Join us tonight from 6-8 p.m. at Sam's Sports Grill for the OTF Meetup!

Our morning notes include an update on the Nashville Predators' travel situation, a hilarious look back at the 1972 Summit Series which changed the game of hockey forever, and celebrity wedding news!!!

Nashville Predators News

Predators lose charter jet service –
Hey, buddy, can you spare a ride for the Preds? It looks like they need to line up alternative transportation, now that Swift Air has cancelled their contract for this season. By the way, I wonder what published reports were used to get that "the Predators will travel more than 43,700 miles" line from?

Penalty Box Radio Sept 3, 2012 09/03 by Penalty Box Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Last night's PBR featured special guest Jonathon Blum...

Monday Night Forehand 09/03 by HasBeenSports | Blog Talk Radio
MNF's new lineup debuted as the Nashville podcasting landscape continues to shift.

Lockout a Double-Edged Sword for Nashville Predators - The Hockey Writers
Personally, I don't think losing a month (or even two) would be that bad for the Preds, especially depending how the new CBA shakes out.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Lockout City : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog ::
I'm 100% on board with Tom here. The NHLPA had better be prepared to hold out for an entire season, because "The last thing they – or we – need is for the players to stand united until December before collapsing and signing a deal only marginally better than they could get today."

Hockey fans: there is nothing you can do to prevent a lockout | Puck Daddy
A nice summation of the cacophony of calls for fan action these days. Sorry folks, but petitions, sit-ins, and such won't make any difference whatsoever.

It’s time for players to cut a deal and let NHL owners run their business, Peter Adler argues | Edmonton Journal
The bar for spectacular nonsense written about the CBA negotiations has been set to a new high. Apparently Mr. Adler is unaware that zillions of public corporations publish their revenue figures every quarter.

Down Goes Brown: Team Canada's 1972 Summit Series application form
In the event of a lockout, it looks like DGB will have no shortage of material.

The Quiet Room: Richard Zednik’s Neck (is still horrifying) | Backhand Shelf
It's still amazing that Zednik survived a lacerated carotid artery, and played again.

Elisha Cuthbert Engaged to Dion Phaneuf: All the Details! -
Now for some hard-hitting hockey news! Found via Kukla's Korner.

Dustin Penner’s controversial signing remains the only successful RFA poaching of the 21st century | Edmonton Journal
RFA Offer Sheets have turned out to be a real dud under the current CBA.

Welcome to the MHH lockout week - Mile High Hockey
Here's a novel approach to keeping a hockey site busy.