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Pekka Rinne: Great Goalie, Questionable GM

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We love ya Peks, but I don't think you'll head to Las Vegas for a GM of the Year trophy any time soon.
We love ya Peks, but I don't think you'll head to Las Vegas for a GM of the Year trophy any time soon.

As part of the marketing push for EA Sports NHL13, the "Ultimate Team" feature is being touted today, and an article at showcases how some of the league's leading stars would put together a 6-man unit from their current competitors that would dominate all others.

For example, Philadelphia's Claude Giroux put himself on a line with Pavel Datsyuk and Steven Stamkos, with Erik Karlsson and Zdeno Chara on defense, and Pekka Rinne in goal. That makes sense.

Pekka was included in the fun, too, but I think his talent assessment skills might be a bit off:

First, he puts Martin Brodeur in goal. OK, that's a nice nod to the old veteran, and a demonstration of the humility which makes Rinne so endearing.

Second, he puts Shea Weber & Ryan Suter on the blueline. Given the years he spent working behind them, this is totally understandable.

Up front? There's Teemu Selanne & Mikko Koivu, a reasonable tribute to his Finnish countrymen. Selanne led the Ducks in scoring last season, and Koivu is a pretty wonderful two-way center. We'll give him a homer's pass here.

But Rinne's last forward pick?

Rich Peverley.

Yup, the waiver-wire wonder who left Nashville back in 2009 and has forged a successful career in Atlanta and Boston was Pekka's selection to round out his Ultimate forward line. Not Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, or any of a dozen All-Star-caliber forwards. Rich Peverley.

Just listen to the lineups as described in the following video. Does it strike anyone else as odd to hear "Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Stamkos... Peverley"?

Who knows, maybe there's some bizarre video game trick in NHL13 that turns Peverley into the next Jeremy Roenick circa NHL94, but I just don't see it!