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Take the Wheel as Google Doodle Honors Frank Zamboni's Birth

Google's doodles celebrate all sorts of events from time to time, and today one marks the birth of Frank Zamboni, inventor of the famous ice resurfacing machine that plays such an important role in the sport of hockey.

Frank Zamboni would have been 112 today, having been born on January 16, 1901. Thanks to his invention, a hockey rink can be resurfaced in a matter of minutes, keeping the quality of play high from one period to the next. The Zamboni even plays a key role in NHL shootouts, as one performs a quick scrape in order to facilitate better puckhandling by shooters in the game-deciding skills contest.

As always with Google, the game is simple in form, yet still entertaining. Using the arrow keys, your Zamboni driver must clear the ice after a skater goes out and roughs it up a bit. Later levels include multiple skaters, power-ups in the form of ice cream cones and gas tanks (to refuel your Zamboni), and even a hockey game which leaves a few banana peels on the ice:

Frank Zamboni google doodle hockey level

Well done, Google, well done. For more details, check out this article from Wired.