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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Team USA Beats Canada at World Juniors

While hockey fans on Twitter awaited CBA news, the #DregerFace phenomenon gave us a welcome comedic relief from talk of pension plans and escrow caps. That helps when the noteworthy hockey action these days takes place at 3:00 a.m. over in Russia...

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Jimmy Vesey, American Hero
Jimmy Vesey, American Hero
Jamie Sabau

Nashville Predators News

Adding teams to the NHL playoff picture is a terrible idea… | Section 303
Jeremy isn't excited about seeing losers added to the playoff picture, either. Last season, for example, three of the four teams that would have earned those extra playoff spots won less than half their games.

NHL Lockout Effect On Downtown Business -
Businesses around the arena are certainly missing out. I know I haven't been downtown in a long time!

What A Drama-Free Nashville Predators Off-Season Could Look Like - Predlines
It's only six months until the next free agent season begins, and it should be much quieter for Nashville than the last two.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

World junior championship: The leave Malcolm Subban alone post; it was Team Canada’s ‘collective failure,’ people - Buzzing The Net
Or you can call it "Team USA's collective triumph". The American squad moves on to the finals of the World Juniors thanks to a 5-1 victory over Canada, including this goal by Preds draft pick Jimmy Vesey:

2012 NHL Lockout: NHL And NHLPA Gain Some Traction And Will Continue Talks For Fourth Straight Day - Blueshirt Banter
Slowly but surely, it appears that progress is being made, and the NHLPA decided not to file a disclaimer of interest (although they could re-vote & file at any time).

NHL may extend olive branch of rivalries -
Golly, there's talk that Game 1 of a shortened season would feature "rivalry" games. Who's up for Columbus (because you know they'll probably go Detroit/Chicago).

In a country mourning hockey, marketers take their best shot - The Globe and Mail
Corporate marketers have to get creative in light of the lockout. But hey, they're paid to be creative, right?

Nail Yakupov labelled a "prima donna" after his refusal to talk to media ignites storm | Edmonton Journal
Is Nail Yakupov a problem in the making for Edmonton, because he didn't talk with the media after a recent World Juniors game?

Great Work, Eklund! | Edmonton Journal
Yes, Eklund broke a story recently regarding the CBA negotiations. No, that doesn't make him (or other anonymous rumormongers) a respected source of information.

Why Does Hockey Appeal to the Everyday Housewife? - Lighthouse Hockey
Take a walk back in time to 1979...