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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Nashville Predators Angling for Goals

Ahead of tonight's game at Los Angeles (preview coming later on), the Nashville Predators are looking to get the offense flowing. Whether it's the captain offering up a different look from the point, or potentially claiming a forward off the NHL's waiver wire, the urgency is building to light the lamp...

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Fearsome? Certainly, but not always necessary.
Fearsome? Certainly, but not always necessary.
Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Preds digging deep hole with early slump - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Fortunately, all the shootout losses still earn a point in the standings, so the Preds aren't far off the pace. They do need to improve their play, however.

Should The Nashville Predators Consider Zach Boychuk? - Predlines
Before you look at the one season in which this Carolina winger scored at a point-per-game pace in the AHL and start drooling, consider that Cal O'Reilly had a longer track record of minor league success, but couldn't take it to the next level. Still, this might be a low-risk option.

Nashville Predators' Shea Weber diversifies shot beyond pure power | The Tennessean
Might a few changeups from the point end Weber's pointless streak?

Some Nashville Predators get new luxury on road trips | The Tennessean

It seems odd to me that athletes getting paid hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars would have to share hotel rooms, but at least now more guys are getting their own.

Nick Spaling's diary: Walk along the beach takes mind off hockey | The Tennessean

In an "as told to Josh Cooper" entry, Spals waxes on sandy beaches & airplane food.

The Best and Worst of AHL Jerseys: Part 1 | Admirals Roundtable
Viewer Discretion Advised.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Greg Jamison, main suitor of Phoenix Coyotes, can't produce capital to purchase team, according to sources - ESPN
This long, terrible saga still has no end in sight. Ugh!

Spector on NHL expansion: Phoenix experiment evaporating -
It's pretty easy to draw a dotted line between the ongoing drama in Phoenix and the potential waiting to be tapped in markets like Seattle, Quebec City, and Toronto.

How would Seattle fare as a hockey market? -
Forget Seattle, how about an NHL team in Portlandia?

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis concerned with Alex Ovechkin’s start: ‘He needs to play better’ | Puck Daddy
Forget the Caps, my fantasy hockey team needs more production out of Ovie, too.

The 10 Commandments of NHL Shootouts - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
There's a spectacular Preds highlight in here...

San Jose Sharks announce ownership change - San Jose Mercury News
It sounds like a couple of the smaller Sharks were gobbled up by the big one.

Still in Charge - The Spin
Is Roberto Luongo flipping the script in Vancouver?

Budweiser’s Canadian Super Bowl Ad - KuklasKorner
Take a sneak peek at what our friends north of the border will get to see on Sunday.

Todd Bertuzzi lucky to escape with cut after taking stick to eye | Puck Daddy
Scary stuff...

Mike Komisarek got a stitch in his eye and missed practice because he had a temper tantrum | Backhand Shelf

Temper, temper!

The Power of Positive Thinking | Backhand Shelf

Less than two weeks into the season, and we're already deep into concussion talk.

Hockey fighting is one thing; staged fighting is another. |
Where does one draw the line on fighting in hockey? Ask 10 different fans, and you'll probably get 10 different answers.