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The 2012 OTF User Awards

The measure of our community here at OTF isn't just in typical website metrics like visits and page-views, it's the participation level of our members that makes the conversation so lively. Today, we honor those who contributed the most (at least in terms of quantity) to the discussion...


Thanks to our tech gremlins at Vox Media, here is a look at the most active users in the OTF community over the course of 2012:

Most FanPosts

  cbrooksy                           19        
  Hockey Hillbilly                   15        
  davisca                            10        
  Evanbio                            9         
  jmkiii58                           8         
  TCountyPred                        7         
  predswilrule                       7         
  xIke                               7         
  Lorn_Sc                            6         
  bvkv09                             6         

Most FanShots

  Dirk Hoag                          106       
  George Scoville                    11        
  OddManRush                         8         
  Marc Torrence                      5         
  bvkv09                             4         
  Evanbio                            4         
  cbrooksy                           4         
  CAustin                            4         
  davisca                            4         
  LuvthePreds                        4         

Most Comments

  davisca                            20542     
  Herzausstein                       8593      
  JBoogie22                          5111      
  DonBorvio                          4325      
  3DLink                             3277      
  musamonster                        3189      
  CAustin                            3136      
  Josiah2729                         3120      
  LuvthePreds                        3086      
  Incipient_Senescence               2741  

Now just think, how high would those numbers have gone if we actually had NHL action to follow over the last few months?

Thanks to all of you who participate or even just drop by to read our site, and here's to a bigger & brighter 2013 for all of us.

NOTE: Recent changes to the layout of the front page for all SB Nation sites have raised the prominence of FanPosts and FanShots, so have at 'em, folks!