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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Will NHL Players in Russia Come Back?

In the back of all our minds, the possibility of another Alexander Radulov situation has lingered during the 2012 NHL Lockout. While a good number of NHL players took their game over to the KHL, a new understanding between the two leagues is supposed to guarantee their return once the NHL got rolling again. Well, so much for that idea...

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New York Islanders defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky sounds like he wants to stay in the KHL.
New York Islanders defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky sounds like he wants to stay in the KHL.
James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

Nashville Predators News

One way or another, Predators' schedule likely to be a tough one | Nashville City Paper
The travel disparity between the Eastern & Western Conference will be amazing. I'll make sure to create a new Super Schedule whenever the NHL lays out the regular season slate.

Winning Heals All Lockout Wounds For Nashville Predators - Nashville Sports Hub
Given the shortened schedule, a good start could lead to all sorts of possibilities for this team.

Save The Playoff Talk For The Playoffs - Predlines
Thank you thank you thank you, Jason, for saying this. Here's to Shea Weber shaving until it's really playoff time.

Monday Moves | Admirals Roundtable
The pieces are starting to be re-arranged as the Preds prepare to bring a few players back from Milwaukee.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Lubomir Visnovsky to New York Islanders (Except Not) Saga - Lighthouse Hockey
The defenseman, despite have a contract with the Islanders, says he's planning to stay in the KHL. And here you thought we were all done with this nonsense...

By the way, has anybody seen Sergei Kostitsyn lately?

Down Goes Brown: Surprises in the new NHL CBA deal
"Since the two sides have historically been unable to agree on who should control the purse strings, from now on they've decided to just make Mike Fisher hold them."

The NHL lockout: Peace in our time | The Economist
Given the relatively minor upgrade to the revenue sharing system, we may well see another nasty negotiation once this CBA expires in a decade or so.

Marketing master must figure out how to regain NHL’s mojo - The Globe and Mail
Expect to hear the name John Collins much more in the years ahead. Among the NHL's leadership group, he seems the natural choice to succeed Gary Bettman as commissioner, whenever that time comes.

NHL and union finally realized they needed a season most of all - The Globe and Mail
After all the ill will of the last few months, Ken Dryden hopes that the owners & players come to realize their dependence on one another.

Delta Prevents Musician from Bringing Vintage Gibson Guitar On Board, Ends Up Destroying It - Gawker
A sad, sad tale suggested to me by cisar, regarding the lead singer of the Zambonis (thus the hockey connection).