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The Week Ahead for the Nashville Predators

A plurality of voters correctly guessed the number of points the Nashville Predators would earn last week (4), so will the OTF cognoscenti strike gold once again? Consider the prospects and cast your vote...

Christian Petersen

It's a busy week coming up for the Nashville Predators, with four games on the docket against non-divisional opponents. Over the last week they've climbed out of the Central Division basement (leaving Winnipeg behind), and have their sights set on the Dallas Stars in 5th. Can they continue their ascent this week against the following quartet of foes?

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Monday vs Phoenix Coyotes

These are giddy times for the Phoenix faithful, as their long years of ownership turmoil led to a happy conclusion under a new regime which appears to be committed to making hockey work in the desert. Better yet, the Coyotes after off to a 14-5-4 start, giving them a leg up in the chase for the Western Conference playoffs, although their fundamental play pegs them as candidates to fall off the pace. For more on that line of analysis, check out Tyler Dellow's column at Sportsnet from a few days ago.

For now, however, those Coyotes will happily keep the legs churning, even if they're running off a figurative cliff at the time. As usual, their longtime captain is leading the way:

Shane Doan

#19 / Right Wing / Phoenix Coyotes



Oct 10, 1976

2013 - Shane Doan 22 11 8 19 +3 8 6 0 1 71 15.5

Wednesday at Columbus Blue Jackets

There was a line of thinking at one time that if the Blue Jackets could only get out of the big bad Central Division, they'd show themselves to be one of the NHL's more underrated squads. So far, life in the god-awful Metropolitan hasn't been kind to the BJ's, however, as they languish in 7th place, having lost 10 of their last 13 games.

The swapping out of stud scorer Rick Nash for Marian Gaborik hasn't paid off, and the drums are already beating for another big trade to shake things up in Columbus. This bit of reasoning struck isn't just a red-light shortage that's the problem. It's that he's not generating chances. Gaborik has never been a volume shooter - even in 2007-08, his most prolific season, he averaged just over 3.5 shots per game - but he's someone who was always around the puck. That urgency has disappeared this year, along with the zip on his once-lethal wrister.

--- Allan Muir,

While Gaborik's shot totals are down a bit this year (42 in 17 games), he's usually been one heck of a "volume shooter". Where has he ranked in shots on goal in recent seasons? 17th, 14th, 85th (when he was injured and missed 20 games), and 16th overall starting with 2012-13 and going backwards to 2009-10. Gaborik's a shooter, alright, and the zip's just fine (he's scoring on 11.9% of his shots, in line with his career 13% average).

Marian Gaborik

#10 / Right Wing / Columbus Blue Jackets



Feb 14, 1982

2013 - Marian Gaborik 17 5 6 11 +1 6 0 0 0 42 11.9

Thursday vs Edmonton Oilers

Can the Predators launch a tradition of holiday hockey in Nashville? They'll try to get that rolling with a healthy serving of turkey in the form of the Edmonton Oilers, everybody's favorite train wreck of a hockey team, loaded with promising young talent but unable to assemble a competitive team. The sad-sack Oilers have the 2nd-worst record in the entire NHL, frustrating those who thought this was the year that the pieces would finally fit together and they'd make a run for the playoffs.

Given those dark circumstances, it's no wonder that one local writer started stirring up talk that the Oilers are trying to trade for Shea Weber. I guess they have to cling to some kind of hope...

Saturday vs Philadelphia Flyers

The Predators wrap up the week by hosting another Eastern Conference squad, the Philadelphia Flyers. Once they lost the opening three games of the season, the Flyers dumped head coach Peter Laviolette in favor of Craig Berube, who has squeezed a 10-7-2 record out of the team so far (including 6-0-1 in their last seven games). One thing you "Fire Trotz" conspirators can keep in mind is that Laviolette is an assistant coach for Team USA's entry at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, so he'll have plenty of opportunity to establish a working relationship with David Poile, which could come in handy if the job ever opened up in Nashville.

The guy leading the way, as usual, is Claude Giroux. After a slow start, he's put up 8 points in his last 7 games and the puck's finally going in the net for him:

Claude Giroux

#28 / Center / Philadelphia Flyers



Jan 12, 1988

2013 - Claude Giroux 22 3 12 15 -4 18 2 0 2 57 5.3

The biggest challenge against Philly may be making sure Flyers GM Paul Holmgren doesn't kidnap Shea Weber on his way out of Bridgestone Arena Saturday night.

So what say ye, Preds fans? How will the team fare this week?

Central Standings

Chicago 24 16 4 4 36
St. Louis 22 16 3 3 35
Colorado 22 17 5 0 34
Minnesota 24 15 5 4 34
Dallas 22 11 9 2 24
Nashville 23 11 10 2 24
Winnipeg 25 10 11 4 24

(updated 11.24.2013 at 8:30 PM CST)

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