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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Why I Hate The Stars

It's quite simple really. It's not because of any potential new "rivalry", or any particular play, or whether or not they really won the Cup in '99, or because Rich Clune hates them. I hate the Stars because of Tyler Seguin. I hate that Dallas had the resources and/or creativity to make that trade and grab a 21 year-old point-per-game player who we have to try and stop five times a year. (Plus playoffs!) [Editor's Note: LOL]. And I hate that we didn't. I guess it's for the best…with all the partying (allegedly), friends hijacking his Twitter (unlikely), etc., how many times would he have been a healthy scratch here? A LOT. And we just don't have room for a player of that caliber another guy in the doghouse.

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Ronald Martinez

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Who could've predicted there'd be so many inexperienced guys on D this year?

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Who's Forsberg?

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"Canucks" and "awesome" don't go together. EVER.

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Is "tough to play against" their motto, too?

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I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there, buddy.

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You can't give the '98 Olympics as a gift.

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