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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: The Unruly (Blackhawks) Fan

They're baaaaack! Although probably fewer of them, with it being a school night and all. We know we can't "Keep the Red Out" through some silly ticket policy, so what CAN we do? How about enforcing the freaking arena rules that are already in place for EVERYBODY? Because it seems like they're suspended a bit when the Hawks come to town. All those giant Indian headdresses that obstruct the views of regular people just trying to watch the game? Well, those are ok, but holding up a sign THAT DOES THE EXACT SAME THING violates Bridgestone Arena policy. Why is it different? Make 'em take that stupid thing off and walk it back to the car. Are patrons allowed to be visibly intoxicated at the arena? This might surprise you, but NO! The line on intoxication is different for everyone, of course, but if you're standing in line for a beer swaying back and forth IN THE FIRST PERIOD, you may be done for the night. The bottom line is that the team needs to take more control over what people are doing AFTER they've purchased a ticket, not worry about what jersey that person has in the closet when they buy it. Every NFL team has a text line to report bad behavior in the stands, and recently, the NBA even got into the act. Perhaps it's time for the NHL to do the same…and it wouldn't hurt for the Preds to lead the way. THAT might "Keep the Red Out".

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Gregory Shamus

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