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Monday's Dump & Chase: Who Do You Blame For This Preds Team?

Look, sometimes, somebody needs to be the adult in the room and tell all the irrational types among us to settle down. Jim Diamond has written a very reasonable piece stating the case for Coach Trotz to remain in place. He's a real journalist who knows many things that I don't, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. But as the unelected leader of the Pitchforks and Torches crowd, allow me to retort. To hold the head coach blameless for this situation seems crazy to me. Especially this head coach. We all understand this roster is mediocre, particularly at forward. But do we really think Trotz had no input on that? It seems he got exactly what he thought he needed, what with all the talk of needing more "sandpaper" and whatnot in the offseason. The bizarre healthy scratches, the stupid and often public "doghouse", the 9 layers that have to be chipped through in the offensive zone…all Trotz. I would agree that the term and dollars given out to some on this roster were nuts, and that's definitely on the front office and ownership. But to think that Trotz wanted guys that were more #Skill and less #Grit, and is operating under duress with someone else's players? I just can't wrap my mind around that. I also agree that a change right now is unlikely to save this season (although it can't be ruled out), and all those goofy contracts are going to be tough to work around over the next couple of years, regardless of who is in charge. But to do nothing, to wave the white flag and give up, (for this year, next year, the year after?) sends a bad message to the fans, many of us who spend a lot of money and care deeply about this team. We want to win. And if a little short-term pain (we're ALREADY in last place, and sinking like a stone) leads to a new vision for this team, then I'm all for it. Torch in one hand, pitchfork in the other.

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Doug Pensinger

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