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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Goals Wanted

The talk around Smashville these days is all about the Nashville Predators offense, or lack thereof. Is the current drought a temporary lull, or are there more fundamental issues at work?

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We just want to see more celebrations like this...
We just want to see more celebrations like this...
Frederick Breedon

Nashville Predators News

Predators remain patient through offensive struggles | Nashville City Paper
As long as their defensive game is sound, at least there's a foundation to build upon.

Nashville Predators' offense continues to struggle | The Tennessean
When will one of the bars around Bridgestone Arena start offering deals on shots?

Pekka Rinne's brilliance makes him the Hart Trophy favorite so far -
Here's one bright side of the Preds' offensive woes - it puts the spotlight on the goaltending.

Fraser: A look at Paul Gaustad's delay of game penalty - TSN
Retired ref Kerry Fraser, with the benefit of multiple replays, says he wouldn't have made that infamous call on Gaustad.

Need tickets to Preds/Sharks tonight? We've got you covered...

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL and IOC in Olympic stand-off - The Globe and Mail
If you don't like the public persona of Gary Bettman, what until you get a load of René Fasel.

Ask Matty: Key NHL players who could be dealt - Edmonton Journal
There's one UFA defenseman in here who could be a great fit for the Preds, I'll have more on that at another time.

2013 Season: The Blue Jackets at the Quarter Pole - The Cannon
See that's the problem in Columbus, they don't know whether they're in the first or last quarter of the season.

College Hockey Rankings: Quinnipiac is #1 for the first time in program history - Western College Hockey Blog
Strange days, indeed.

Here’s an actual video of an actual ref actually fighting an actual player in Russia | Backhand Shelf
I have a feeling that officials all over the world will sympathize with this guy.

Joe Buck tries his hand at announcing St. Louis Blues hockey - Awful Announcing
The football/baseball guy takes a shot at hockey during a visit with Darren Pang & John Kelly.

David Backes: Blues "Don't Have That Desperation" - St. Louis Game Time
Doesn't he realize that it's early February? How can you not play with desperation at a time like this?

The Edmonton Oilers switched coaches, but nothing seems to have changed | Edmonton Journal
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.