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Avalanche 6, Preds 5, Linesman 1: The Weirdest of Games

The Preds had an afternoon game against the Colorado Avalanche this Presidents Day, and what a weird one this turned out to be. If you weren't expecting it to happen, it probably happened. (Since this is my first post-game write up, I'll leave the advanced stats and normal stuff for Dirk to post later.)

On the good side of life...
  • The Preds finished the game with a total of 38 (that's THIRTY-freaking-EIGHT) shots on goal. 38. Honestly. That happened. I couldn't make stuff like that up if I tried.
  • Speaking of shots on goal... Patric Hornqvist, returning from a leave of absence due to a knee injury had 12 shots on goal. TWELVE.
  • Horny was also supposed to play 3rd/4th line minutes to warm himself up and work his way back into the line up. He ended up playing 17:58. So much for needing time to get back into it.
  • 5 different players left the game today with both a goal and an assist: Weber (who initially had two goals, but the first was given to Fish after he tipped it past Varlamov), Blum, Fish (5 SOG), Wilson, and Tits.
  • Speaking of Tits... he took FOUR WHOLE SHOTS today! Nice to have something positive to say about him, for a change.
  • Pekka came in with 5 minutes left in the third second (what the heck? Brain fart...). He stopped all 10 shots he faced, and generally played like Pekka.
On the mediocre/meh side of life...
  • HB took a pretty bad holding penalty in the first. He ended the day with a -2, 1 assist, 2 PIM, and 0 SOG. Meh. He's coming along a little slowly this year, but patience is a virtue. He'll get there.
  • I wasn't pleased with it, but out of interest... both teams scored 5 goals in a span of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, including 2 goals in 13 seconds for Colorado. I thought they were showing a replay of the first goal when the scored their second one. Urgh. Mason was pulled after that.
On the down-right bad side of life...
  • Speaking of Chris Mason... he let in 6 goals on 18 shots. That's an 0.667% save percentage. That's REALLY ugly. The defense certainly made a few crappy mistakes that ended up leading to goals, but Mase also let in some downright nasty goals. And not nasty in a good way. Not a good game for him.
  • That lack-of-offsides call by the referee was absolutely atrocious. The rule states (per se) that if the Preds had been in control of the puck and actively put it into their own zone while Duchene was in there, Dutchy could snag the puck without a whistle being blown. However, seeing as the puck BOUNCED off of Craig Smith and into the defensive zone, I don't understand how that could possibly be seen as falling under those rules.
  • Here's the picture, just to piss everyone off a little more:

Looking forward...

Detroit comes to town tomorrow, so hopefully the Preds are pissed off about this and ready to avenge their loss. I know everyone is probably really frustrated by this game, but remember - WE SCORED FIVE GOALS TONIGHT.


That's a lot.

We can do it again.

Go Preds.