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Even Carrie Underwood Can't Find the Preds Game Sometimes

We've all been there, right? Flipping around the guide looking for a Nashville Predators game? Tonight the Preds' most famous fan ran into that problem...

Frederick Breedon

A running joke that the guys over at 104.5 The Zone have at the expense of Nashville Predators fans is the chorus of people asking where they can find a Preds game on TV, as sometimes games get bounced around from channel to channel from one night to the next.

This situation has improved considerably from years past, as all but a handful of games are on FS-TN this season, but on the odd occasion when a game is on SportSouth (like tonight at Anaheim), confusion reigns... and when the most famous Nashville Predators fan of all has trouble finding the right channel, this issue comes right back to the forefront:

Of course, when you've got 1.3 million Twitter followers, there are sure to be a few poker fans in the bunch:

Fortunately for Mrs. Mike Fisher, this story has a happy ending:

Come on, Carrie, just bookmark this page and you'll always know where to look!