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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Rick DiPietro Speaks Out

After an infamous stretch of seasons with long stints on injured reserve, Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro was waived and sent to the AHL by the New York Islanders this week. Today, he speaks out about the frustration of dealing with the pressure that comes along with one of the most notorious contracts in NHL history...

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Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Mike Fisher: How He Compares With Other Past Nashville Predators Acquisitions | Predlines
Regardless of the numbers, I think Fisher's style best fits what Barry Trotz prefers compared to the five guys listed here.

Nashville Predators would travel more miles, lose two rivals if NHL realignment plan approved | The Tennessean
The mileage impact sounds almost negligible, really.

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Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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Rick DiPietro has been the butt of far too many jokes in recent years. It's the Islanders, of course, who made the awful decision to give him a 15-year contract, but DP's injuries over the years built up an incredible amount of pressure from fans.

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