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Infographic: Canada's 5 Best Paid Hockey Stars Includes Nashville's Shea Weber

Who would have thought, back in the depths of the summer of 2007, that just a few short years later the Nashville Predators would have a team captain signed to one of the richest contracts in the NHL?

Bruce Bennett

The following infographic highlights Canada's 5 Best Paid NHL stars, and thanks to that mind-boggling offer sheet tabled by the Philadelphia Flyers last summer, which the Predators agreed to match, Nashville's captain Shea Weber stands alongside names like Sidney Crosby & Brad Richards atop the heap:


Infographic provided by Cash Money.

And yes, I understand that diehard hockey fans could look up similar information in about 10 seconds at Capgeek, but this sort of thing has a way of driving the point home among a more general audience.

The question is, given the state of the free agent market and the drop in salary cap for next season, how long will it take for the next young superstar to come along and knock Weber down a spot on this list?